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  1. Well, you did of course steal your land from the natives after exterminating them..... But seriously, all the envious butt-hurt from all the people who aren't us, does make it so much better.
  2. You give power to the religious extremists the moment you start to care about their silly sensitivities. Islam is one of the most retarded religions to ever scourge this planet, so please let us treat it that way.
  3. On Friday I like to appease radical Islam by using extra ras el hanout in my couscous.
  4. I'll admit that the bible is so inconsistent you can support about anything with it. I also have the impression that people generally don't turn to the bible for moral guidance, they look for texts that support their established ethics.
  5. Apologetics Noun 1) The act of whining about context, when confronted with a disturbing religious text from one's favourite religion.
  6. The must be interpreted in such a way that they don't conflict with "Christianity is Great" Example: the word "slavery" must be interpreted as "unpayed volunteering work"
  7. Any idiot can start about "context" when confronted with disturbing texts in their holy writings. Not everyone buys into that lame excuse. Fact of the matter is that the quran, just like the bible, is used to justify a lot of heinous atrocities. Because it can be easily used for that. "No true Scotsman fallacy" in 3, 2, 1
  8. Maybe it's for identification purposes or something?
  9. Yes, because hating a couple of books that call for your death is about as hateful as it gets. If you want people to like the quran or the bible, it might be a good idea to rewrite the more disturbing parts. Disgust is a rather healthy reaction to gems like this. Yes. I know, I should read it in context in the original language or whatever excuse you use to use to pretend that's not a direct order to murder people.
  10. ' Those Americans didn't react to that flick with violence. That's not some funny detail. It's an extremely important difference. I'm gay, and Islam is a never-ending source of grievous insults directed at my kind. You know why I don't run around lynching random Muslims? Because I'm not a bloody primitive savage that throws a tantrum like a 4yo every time my precious feewings are huwt. Besides doe we really respect Muslims if we give in to the demands of the zealot nut-cases? Last tim I checked, 99,999% or so of the Muslims aren't rioting because of that movie.
  11. And somewhere in the very, very distant future we'll be cooked off of this planet because of that. It's not very realistic to take the fact that the sun will run out of fuel eventually and use it as an argument in discussions about oil.
  12. You might want to take a closer look at the dying process of our sun. While the thing is running out of fuel as we speak, the energy output will increase over the next 5 billion year or so, (at least from our POV), so if anything solar energy will become an even better option in the future. Until the sun makes life on earth impossible that is, IIRC that will happen around 700.000.000 years from now. Oil on the other hand will run out somewhere in the next couple of hundred years. From a human POV the argument "but the sun is also running out" is just silly, 700 million years is how long it took for us to evolve from single cellular life forms. It's such a huge amount of time it's almost comprehensible.
  13. And when we run out of oil, god will provide us with new oil and/or the rapture will happen.
  14. I believe Coreece said that real Muslims had nothing in common with the extremists, so kicking his butt is maybe not the right approach here. Personally after reading that boring pile of incoherent but clearly hate-filled crap known as the quran, I couldn't escape the impression that Allah, and his favourite child fondler Muhammad usually will "+1" and/or "like" a pile of dead kafirs. So maybe the real Muslims are the extremists, and the moderates are doing it wrong. As for the WBC: if you read the bible you can read for yourself that God hates fags and all that. That being a hate-filled bigot is a big advantage if you want to be a good Christian isn't their fault.