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  1. PhoenixPhive

    I jumped with a corpse

    sounds like a personal problem..
  2. PhoenixPhive

    Did I just do an accelerated Stall?

    i want to find a mentor that can answer questions about the wind from the ground
  3. PhoenixPhive

    Did I just do an accelerated Stall?

    this is why my trust ability is nil when it comes to the aff... i don't understand wind... and i have been reading physics books, and cloud patterns and gliding and parachuting... i would much rather pay to have a TI go fly a kite with me and let me ask questions about the wind before i ever took the aff- if you think its unrelated to this thread please limit the insults to body blows thanking you
  4. PhoenixPhive

    Tandem jump with two passengers: video

    i love your profile picture....sigh....
  5. PhoenixPhive

    Advice on removal of nail/rod from leg?

    i have two screws attaching my leg to my hip socket; have had the screws in it for 24 years: found that water sking was out- too much pressure on the joint, and running is out: pain will occur. I have found that minimizing impact is the way to avoid any type of pain. I cycle, 50 to 100+ miles a week, workout at the gym- elpiticals are great for no impact to joints. Yoga is excellent as well. When you have metal parts and you don't want them to cause a problem for you later down the line, you have to really really be sensitive to your body: if you run and feel any pressure, stop, because that is a signal the pins are shifting. Also, don't get a MRI unless you are certain your screws or pins are titanium: i had an MRI (aluminum screws), and it moved the screws (can't tell you how wierd that felt).
  6. PhoenixPhive

    Jumping with friends doing tandems

    Please, don't be p.c., i hate that: i prefer honesty. i just didnt know exactly what you were referring to: every tandem i have done, i was very conscious of not causing a problem for the instructor...because then it might cause a problem for me.. thanks for the 411
  7. PhoenixPhive

    Jumping with friends doing tandems

    "skytrash" referring to the tandem "student" are you a tandem instructor, or just their mouthpiece?
  8. PhoenixPhive

    Nothing Like A Good Cigar

  9. I will preface my comment with this, i have sustained several traumatic injuries during my life (none skydiving) and this is how i think about tandems: I don't think there is anything wrong with doing tandems... just have to put up with the crap they give you about it, but to be quite honest, if they give you crap about it, what does that say about them?? The experience of the skydive is soooo beautiful, it really shouldn't matter how you do it. I know it is a sport for most, but for me it is more of a sensory experience squared by a sense of awe and wonder and curiosity about how the wind works. I have 2 steel pins in my hip, broken right foot, extreme muscle loss below the knee on my left leg(leg exploded from being pinned between two objects), broken my left leg from ankle to knee, broken my arm, both big toes, so for me, to start with, tandem was a great way to approach skydiving (even though the ti's thought me weird to keep tandem jumping, but i told them it was my form of therapy, when i really felt like saying it was none of their damm business, i was paying them to do it, it shouldn't matter to them one way or another) so however you can enjoy the sky, do so!!!!have strength in how you exist for your self, not how someone else thinks is right for you to exist!!!!
  10. PhoenixPhive


  11. PhoenixPhive

    Self Portrait

  12. PhoenixPhive

    Packers Certificate

    cool, thanks. not a problem: have some vacation days- i wouldn't want to pack someone else's rig: i am just coming at it from a strictly selfish point of view: i only trust myself