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    At the time of its release, the fully-elliptical 9-cell Stiletto was seen as the highest performance canopy available to the expert pilot. With improvements in canopy control technique over the years, the Stiletto has now become a very popular choice for experienced jumpers across many disciplines. For those who appreciate responsive handling, snappy turns, flat glide, a short recovery arc, and great landing capabilities, the Stiletto is a fun and practical way to enjoy your canopy flight.

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    This harness/container system has everything. Reliable function, saftey, comfort and style.
    Our new reserve container design has excellent coverage/containment as well as outstanding emergency deployment characteristics. Our new “wrap around-style” design provides for perfect staging of reserve deployment while having significantly reduced container restriction forces in the event of a total malfunction.
    ‘Up tuck’ style secure main pin protection with modern main bridle routing, virtually eliminates main bridle piercing and provides for superior main pin protection in all genres of flying.
    All new custom design capabilities with our optional 3 or 5 stripe mid flap designs.
    Custom color embroidery is available
    Standard Features:
    Type 8 or type 17 main risers with NV toggles Reserve static line (RSL) Fit Right Soft Cutaway and Reserve Handles Custom Handle Pockets Reserve Pilotchute Freebag and Bridle BOC hand deploy pc kill-line with NUB freefly handle or hacky Main Deployment Bag Stainless Steel Hardware Fully Articulated, 4 Ring Harness (hip and chest rings) Kush or Spacer foam backpad/leg pads Pinstripes 3 or 5 Stripe Midflap Design Option Magnetic Riser Covers (tuck tabs still available) Ballistic Main Container Corners Options:
    ACE RSL (MARD) STEALTH Package (All black SS hardware, black housings, black pilot chute mesh, black reinforcement tape) BLAZE Bag (Semi-stowless main deployment bag) Specialty Kryptek Fabrics (Typhon, Raid, Mandrake, Highlander) Specialty Multicam Fabrics (Multicam, Multicam Black) Custom Embroidery Contrast Stitching Split Rig Design Wingsuit Option (Unboxed main container tray, extended bridle length, open mesh pilot chute with carbon fiber handle) Comp Swoop Risers (low drag risers, comfy dive loops, custom length) Custom Quilted Backpad/Leg Pads  

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Saved my life twice, nice tip-toe landings!

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I've owned 5 Evo containers and 3 Rush reserve canopies. I 100% love everything about them. The container has had so many upgrades over the last 4 years and now with Steve Curtis, Sara Curtis, and George redesigning the container and added all the bells and whistles, they have expanded on what is possible in container design with somehow keep the price point at an amazing deal. This is hands down the most comfortable rig I have ever put on. Having this team in Eloy makes it even better, if I ever need anything done or have a question, their customer service is world class. you gotta check them out!!!

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Lets just be honest.  When you plug any Alti-2 product into a USB into your computer, the OS will never find the correct drivers for it.  Their own website will not give you any troubleshooting tips or driver downloads.  They blame a "3rd party software," Paralog, for any incompatibilities.  Paralog is supposed to connect to Alti-2 products, but it never will.  If you do ever ask for help, the response will be minimal, mostly excuses, and unhelpful in every way.

If this were a $120 altimeter that kinda worked, it would be a great product.  For $300 you can do much better.  Oh, and this one costs $400.

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Colugo 2

I get so many chicks with this suit.

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I have been TRYING to use this software for over a year now. It is total crap, and has no support whatever. Save yourself the grief and find another app!
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