Perris memorial wingsuit boogie extraviganza

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Screen grabs of a few first flights in honor of those that have stepped up and joined the ranks of those that have tasted pure human body flight....... Safely!

31 is Brandi one of my very bestest all time students. With a phenominally uplifting attitude and a fantastic smile, Love that red Matter 2 hot off production status.

32 is the wonderful Kimm a previous graduate and a jovial dabbler in the occasional flock.

33 is Brandi just seconds before a very stable deployement at the end of another very safe and fullfilling first flight. Brandi went on to conquer the Matter2 and sucessive flights and really should use what it could do in the right hands.

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Here are some more grabs

34 is our very own Swedish exchange student ( I swear to god fellas it sounds like a cliche but I kid you not its true) She spent the better part of a school year with us before returning home. She discribed our flight, her first, as some kind of wonderfull. She is very talented freeflyer as well, the boys back in Sweden are very lucky indeed.

36 its hard to tell here but its a beautiful sunset first flight flock. What a way to end the day...... safely. Who could ask for anything more? Except more alttitude..... well you know how skydivers get.

BTW folks we would like to take a small moment of your time to thank our sponsor Matter clothing. With its benefactor Cedric providing us with 5 suits in various sizes and colors to help you the wingsuit lover to be with a taste of winged human flight. Sadly one of the suits sized a little large was damaged in the demo area and was not available then.

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