Mounting a gopro to the visor of a G3

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Hey, I have mounted my gopro to my G3 visor and love it during freefall...great for coaching for good POV and for freeflying. It also good to mitigate snag hazards. Of note, if you flip your visor up under canopy, all you get is the bottom skin of your canopy. Instruction are here: http://deltagearinc.com/Kit&Tools/CameraMounts/go_pro_low_pro_mount.htm

Attached is a photo for you

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Hi guys
Have seen a picture of a gopro2 camera mounted to the visor of a Cookie G3 helmet.
Does anybody know or have this picture and post it please


Has anyone else monuted a Gopro to the lens of a G2 / G3 ?

Would love to hear from you.
Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.

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I mounted my GoPro to lens of my G3; however, after a couple tests in the wind tunnel, I decided to move it to the top of the helmet. I loved the idea of mounting it to the visor because it's low profile, but I wasn't happy with the amt of vibration I noticed on the video, even after several modifications to try and dampen the vibration. I also noticed a couple of minor stress cracks (even though cushioned washers were used) on visor coming from holes needed to mount it there using the low profile mount. [:/]

...Of course, your miles may vary, but that was my experience.


Low Profile, snag free helmet mount for your Sony X3000 action cam!

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