Sony cx130 anyone?

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Currently awaiting DSE's opinion.....he will be able to comment once his information embargo/NDA is lifted

It's lifted now that they're shipping. However, Sony doesn't have a unit they will let me take for a week; they're out for press reviews for bigger fish than me. [:/] Sorry guys. I'll keep on it tho.

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I'll try and get some test footage with active turned on this weekend but seriously doubt it will change anything. The OIS is held into place with magnets, as we have seen with the CX7 and CX12 they break loose when the camera is hit by a vacuum caused by a burble.

Here is something I wrote on the CX7 back in the day where I took apart the OIS unit. CX7 OIS

It sucks that I can't jump right now, or all these tests would be easy for me to perform by myself. Right now I have to rely on other people that are training, etc.

Thank you for your patience,

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