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  1. That looks really promising. Thanks!
  2. Many years ago I set up tandem vids on my home DZ. Now it is high time to upgrade our videos and before we get the new tandemvids (RunRunVids) I wanted to know if there are any other possibilities nowdays? Currently we deliver photo and video on a USB. If possible I would also like to generate a second videofile, 1 minute long for use on instagram etc. Cheers!
  3. Has anyone tested that? Those mounts seem pretty solid to me. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but yes it's been tested and no they do not just "break off"...
  4. The DZ were I work is looking at programs to simplify tandemvideo editing. I've found two programs: Peregrine: TandemVids: Based on the videos above i favor Peregrine because it seems to be more dynamic if you (for some reason) break your usual pattern. Would be great if any TandemVids user out there can tell me how this can be solved in tandemvids, what happens if there is one less or one extra clip? Also looks like Peregrine doesn't need vegas in the background AND can spread the work over multipel computers. The only problem is that Peregrine is not said to support PAL. Have had a few talks with Bill and sent him some testfiles but no answer in a good long while. Should i keep bugging terminal concepts about PAL or go for TandemVids?
  5. Not totaly snagfree (of course) but safer than tele-tubby style:
  6. mei

    Nikon 1 V1?

    Always been a nikon-boy, so this really looks interesting. Would be really nice if you acctually can take good photos during video.. Any thoughts? And if someone gets thier hands on it please tell me everything! =) Edit: "The 1" type sensor (13.2mm x 8.8mm) gives a 2.7x crop." Bummer, so that 10mm is really a 27mm... Maby not that big a diffrence to my nex5, (16mm * 1.5 = 24mm.)
  7. Found it!;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  8. Hiya. I'm looking for a thread posted a while back, perhaps a year? Some guy built a NLE rig in a handy case with a flatscreen in the lid. Have searched but can't seem to find it. Anyone know what i'm talking about and what the title of the thread was? blue ones mei
  9. My guess is no since we don't like Optical SteadyShot. Also those extra few grams in weight dosn't seem to give me any new features.
  10. Live in Sweden so it's another couple of month before I can jump it. When i do the odd photo job i use my nikon d300. And off course you cant really compare the easy to make different settings when you have physical wheels and buttons to make them with on the nikon, and just a GUI menu on the NEX. That said it is easier with the nex than i thought it would be. As far as picture quality i have no complaints. I will definatly bring it as a backup on an important job and it might replace the nikon as a vacation cam. I thing it will do the skydiving job perfect. It keeps the settings i set so all i need to do is power it up and start shooting. Also it is plenty fast. Hope this helps.
  11. Sadly GF2 is not the same. Been down that road mate. Scroll down to Specifications compared. DMW-RSL1 is for GF1 only, they removed the remote shutter release port on gf2... Maby you can do same kind of HW mod as NEX5 but i just went with a JayR modded nex instead. Saved me a few grams to.
  12. GoPro might not be good enough for tandems but it is a really good way to get some stills without having to think to much about weight or even biting on a switch. I got some really kick ass photos last summer but as DSE says it really hits your self-esteem. You feel more like a surveillance camera than a photographer. =) As many have said before, start out small and add one thing at a time. When you have tried something, whatever it is, you get a better idea of what you like and want. First setup is selldom perfect. Blue ones!
  13. How do you get remote shutter release on GF2? blue ones mei
  14. thanx. quite proud of em me self. =)
  15. Just got my camera from JayR. Sent him money feb 2 and have it in my hand now (feb 14). Amazon haven't been able to send stuff to me that fast (live in Sweden) and they don't have to go out and buy the things themself or make modifications.. Can write more about it and send pictures etc. when I got it mounted and everything. blue ones!