Opteka Platinum Series 37mm 0.2X Low-Profile "Ninja" Fisheye Lens?

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I think Trunk has something on the hypoxic site that breaks down several lenses with all the pro/cons.

They may not be as wide as what you are looking for, but I've been very happy with the two I have now. The Centrury .55 is super low profile, and the image quality is very good. The Sony .8x I picked up because it was an OEM lens for like 75 bucks...and worth the shot. It isn't quite as low profile, but still pretty small. Image quality is also excellent.

Most of the videos in my profile were shot with the .55x century if you would like an example. Obviously, pre render, pre youtube footage is even more crisp.

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Opteka, waycool etc all sacrifice picture quality for bulk.
the century .55 low profile lens is high quality though.

Yes I mean the raynox hd 30-series. The second number is about which step-up rings are in the box, the lens is the same for hd3030, hd3032 etc. Very good lens for skydiving.

ciel bleu,

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In re-reading, I see I phrased that poorly.
When *considering* lenses for HD photography, remove the
- Liquid
- Royal
- WayCool
- X-dream
from consideration. None of them resolve more than half SD resolution.
I have most of these lenses as well. Somewhere here on DZ.com there is a test sheet with rez charts shot with most of these lenses. I'm too lazy to sift through them all. :$

To the person that made the linked list, many of the links to images are no longer active, yet it is a very helpful list.

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