do you want a new canopie, harness or else

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Their container looks great ! The problem is that in America it would not have a very good resale value. Somehow only american rigs are popular here.. I have yet to see a single Atom in US dz's..Anybody knows why ?? Also the customer service would be way too expensive (shipping to Europe)

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Foreign-made rigs are not very popular in the USA for two years.
First, the FAA requires that any rig jumped by an American citizen at an American DZ be manufactured under the TSO process, essentially a quality control process. In the old days only American manufacturers could earn TSO approval. Now more and more foreign manufacturers are earning TSOs so they can sell on the American market. Foriegn manufacturers who hold TSOs include: Flying High (Canada), Parachutes Australia, Parachute Industries of South Africa, Parachutes de France, the Chute Shop in South Africa plus a few others.
The second reason foreign-made rigs sell poorly in the USA is fashion. Fashion dictates that clothes and gear catch the eye, but not clash with with what neighbors wear. So it is okay to wear a Javelin with ugly colors, but not a Parachutes de France ATOM in conservative colors.
Go figure.
Also resale value of unfamiliar gear tends to be low.

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