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I am thrilled with how headdown 2 ways are going in the Loudoun tunnel.
Transitions with eye contact. Static points. Decent static flying.

So, in the interest of continuing to progress, I gave it a go on a 4 way (everybody knew this was my first and was cool with me trying)

I didn't stay up. Gave it two attempts and was dropping to the net both times even though the tunnel was set a hair faster than my usual successful 2 way speed.

I've heard that more people makes it feel slower, but does four people make it significantly harder to stay up than a two way?
Or am I just freaking out?

In either case, how would I go about finding strong lift headdown?
What muscles are you flexing for strong headdown lift?
Where do you feel air for strong headdown lift?

Are there any tricks similar to the headup ones? That is to say, similar to how the janky leg, knee flying, or getting the back of your helmet into the wind headup all are ways to get an extra lift boost headup - any tricks like that for headdown?
Dan Wayland

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Actually 4 people can lead to drop of actual airspeed if HD speed is close to maximum that particular WT can provide (but in well efficient WT it should not)

But also it's quite common problem when people starting 4 vfs and starting fight for staying in level)

First - try not to fight, relax (more mentally) and let yourself go down, it's often surprisingly let you stay or even go up)

If you still going down:
Don't try to hold you using your arms- it's most probably will lead to lose your legs and than more you holding/loading your arms - than more you lose your legs (which actually have much more power than arms) and than more you lose lift
Bring you arms close to your chest, so actually your elbows more futher from you than your arms (and while keeping the same surface they will tired much less;) ) and than push your hips forward via pushing your heels backwards/down

A good exercise is to try flying using this technique (elbows forward, arms close to chest, push hips forward, heels backward) looking right above through your balls :)
Why drink and drive, if you can smoke and fly?

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