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I will be in the GTA for a week at the end of May, I was wondering what the best DZ would be to do some funjumping. Who has the best airplanes this season and who moves the most loads? I will have a car so i can get around.

Thanks.. I tried to use the search, but there was nothing recent.

Blue Skies.

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Your options are really Skydive Toronto, Parachute School of Toronto and Skydive SWOOP.

SWOOP is a club, and jumps a 182 I believe. I think they're weekend only.

PST and STI are both North of toronto and jump most of the week, but May umping could be spotty due to runway conditions, weather, or limited clients to keep planes running.

PST is my favorite DZ in all of Canada so far, but I think they're only runing Cessnas this year (unless they've got something in the works for this season).

STI just acquired a Caravan. I'm not sure if it'll be running by May, but I'm sure the DZO will want it to be. It just came from overseas and has to get some work done to make it a jump ship. They also have anywhere from 4-6 Cessna 182's as well.

Anyways, those are your choices, unless you wanted to take the drive to Burnaby. I've never been there, so I can't speak to it.
"When once you have tasted flight..."

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