Jumping in Italy/Europe, first time off home DZ

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Hi everyone!

I just got my A license a few weeks ago and am currently on 40 jumps. I will be in Italy (Florence) with my family for a week between Aug 1st-7th (hoping to be around my 60th jump by then).

This is my first time out of the country since getting licensed and I really want to get the opportunity to have a nice 5-6 days of making lots of loads (difficult where I live). Im looking for a place that will be friendly for a beginning skydiver, be open and have a descent amount of daily loads during the week before August or the week starting from Aug 7th. Alas, I also need a place that has rental rigs :) and maybe even sells rigs... 8)

Im currently thinking about skydive tortuga arrezzo and skydive march. Does anyone know what are things like over there around August? What will i need to do in the way of paperwork to jump in Italy? stuff like insurance and USPA membership and what not. What can I get done on the dz and what do I need to have with me when I get there, besides my local license and logbook?

Also, will I be better off going elsewhere in Europe? Are there any options elsewhere that are better for me enough to justify switching a country for the skydiving part of the vacation?

Last thing: I still dont have my own rig. How do the rentals work in Italy? is it by jump or by day and how much is it?

I would appreciate any help and information.

Thanks a lot!!

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I jumped at Tortuga in July last year, it's a very friendly DZ and operates all week, although you may have to wait a little while for loads early in the week.

No harm in carrying your USPA membership, but you will be required to take out local insurance as the USPA level for 3rd party cover is not deemed sufficient. The membership/insurance cost is not prohibitive. Don't know about rental gear - sorry.

There's a great weekend DZ in Verona further north near Venice, and Verona is in many ways a much more fun to visit than Florence.

If you get to France you can't go wrong in Gap-Tallard.

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Thanks! I dont mind waiting for the loads, but do you think I could make 7-8 loads a day? I think that will probably be the daily maximum for me, and the whole point for going is that its difficult to get on 4 loads a week where I live :)

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www.paracentro.ch is in the south of switzerland, just on the north boarder of italy, and has probably one of the most scenic views in the world..

you'll need at least a B-license to jump there, or you'll be seen as a student skydiver..

they rent out student/sport-gear, and have a well equipped gearshop as well..
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Im currently thinking about skydive tortuga arrezzo and skydive march.

Skydive Marche (http://skydivemarche.com/) is an awesome place to skydive. Two weeks ago i organized a skydiving vacation for a group of 16 friends and we had a great time. Usually they are not open during the week except during special events. Contact them, Ilario speaks english and is great to work with, ask him if he has something planned for the timeframe you intend to go.

I have also been to skydive tortuga, but that was years ago.

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I might be partially interested in this thread, but let me say that south of florence we have opened a brand new Drop Zone that is absolutely rocking!!!
Ok I'm the owner therefore I might have a different view to the issue, but here are the details:
Brand new Cessna Short Caravan
Air conditioned bunk houses end offices
Free load organizing
Free gear rental for skydivers doing 5 or more jumos per day.
open on friday saturday and sundays.
Currently turning 18 full loads a day.
We are not a tandem factory ;)
Check it out


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