canopy collision french airshow??????

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I just got the end of a news story on tv as I was getting home. Watched the end of a canopy collision and the subsequent impact of one of the skydivers under a partially collapsed parachute. He landed on what appeared to bea runway or ather paved road.

The news report ended saying that "miraculously" the parachutist was currently listed in stable condition and that the other one walked away from the incident.....

Anybody else see this or have more information??

certainly not nice to watch this guy bounce on the news.....

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These were two turkish military parachutists who collided in Ankara during a demo-jump in celebration of what I can best translate as "victory-day". One landed on a paved road/sidewalk and sustained what appeared to be only minor cuts and bruises, the other landed on a grass field without injury.

See attached photo.
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