Health/Accident insurance in Switzerland

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Hi to all of our Swiss friends,

I'm moving to Switzerland in May and I'm a bit confused about the Health/Accident insurance system over there:

* It seems accidents are automatically covered in the basic compulsory insurance if you work more than 8hrs/week for a Swiss employer?
* Does this basic coverage include skydiving accidents?
* Got any suggestions for good healthcare providers for skydivers?

Blue skies - Francis

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skydiving is not considered as a "high risk activity" by insurances, so skydiving accidents are covered by your "accident insurance", which is paid by your employer (generally speaking)

health insurance (illness/sickness) is mandatory and paid by yourself (generally, sometimes also paid by your employer), will cover only illness related hospitalisation

third party liability insurance (for skydiving), AFAIK only 2 insurances cover these risks in Switz. IIRC, Winterthur Insurance is the one for skydiving, Generai Insurance covers both paragliding/hanggliding and also skydiving

The Air Glacier or Rega insurances (better take the REGA), are complementary insurances which will take in charge heli rescue etc. (actually more something like the difference between what your insurance will pay and what's left to pay). Recently Air Glacier decided to NOT take in charge costs of BASE jump accidents, but they'll rescue you the same. This might have changed again but that's my actual understanding

I'm no insurance specialist, could be a bit off with the words and the principles

Edited to add : welcome to choco-bank-snow country :)

scissors beat paper, paper beat rock, rock beat wingsuit - KarlM

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u're automatically covered by SUVA from your employer, they also pay in case of skydiving-accidents, health insurance is different, that you pay yourself. best thing is, you look here for a comparison of the various providers. you get the choice of private-, half-private- and "common" insurance. there's a substantial difference in price for the different categories. private would be most expensivst, but there you get to choose the fanciest hospitals or doctors in case of illness, but you'll also survive as common insured..
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