"Flying in the Mist", a documentary about me, ALS and "adaptive skydiving"

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I've been working with Joseph from Article19films.com for the last 8 months working on this documentary.

It is close to being finished, but this is a small trailer..
some of the last scenes that we filmed.

The documentary is mostly about the 'strength of human spirit' to 'overcome' adversity- by following my life, from various hospitalizations (4 of them in 8 months) and my life at home, living alone in the dropzone and heating my home with wood-constantly gathering firewood, etc. and working at the dropzone grounds keeping (yah thats the 'gimps' job here-to keep the grounds nice and clean).

and finally ofcourse the adaptive skydiving that we now do.
As tis is sort of 'new' to the world, to see- paralyzed people skydivng.

this film should be available on television stations in the late year, as it still needs to go through its final editing, and the composer is not done with the musci completely for this film.

here is the "trailer' we currently have for it:

To become active member in the Bonus Days Club you must very narrowly escape eternal freefall ... one exciting time.)-Pat Works

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