Odd downsizing question.

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They'll likely ask for some collateral, however, a 240 would be a tight fit for a rig that was made for a 210... just something to be aware of.
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my DZ is talking about giving me a "loaner" canopy to assist in my downsizing

they could just report the canopy as stolen to USPA.

Why would they offer you a loaner, only to consider reporting the canopy as stolen? Does that make sense to anyone?

They're probably just looking for you to make a few 're-currency' jumps on a bigger canopy, just to make sure you remember your training, and are handling things well. If they can fit a bigger canopy in your rig, they'll set your canopy aside and hook theirs up, but I doubt it will be for more than a day, or that they would let you take the canopy off the DZ.

Your canopy could be considered 'collateral', but mosly because it would be sitting in the corner of the packing room while the other canopy is in your rig.

I think the problem is that you're thinking this is a long-term 'loan', while the DZ is probably taking about just getting you to 'step down' into your 210. If you started on a 260, I doubt they would take you back to the beginning, so maybe they just want to see a couple of good jumps on a 240 or 220 before cutting loose with the 210. They're just watching out for you, and I doubt they're concerned about the legal aspects of the 'loan'.

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