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An historical question: Why was AFF introduced and how did it become what appears to be the preferred training method? Were students using the old S/L method primarily having trouble with stable FF and pulls? Just curious about the evolution of training methods.


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The old static-line system had a big stumbling block at the level of practice pulls. We asked students to perform a complex task, under high stress, in a very short time period.
It also took forever to correct body position in freefall, because instructors were so far away.
Remember that when AFF was introduced, most schools were using military-surplus round parachutes. Skydiving was due for a revolution in training methods. AFF gave DZOs an excuse to buy new piggyback containers, square mains, etc.
Also, skydivers wanted to be able to show students freefall on their first skydives.
"If tandem had been invented a couple of years earlier, AFF would never have been approved" said long-time Southern Califronia DZO Don Balch.

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