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I've been hearing this rumor the B license jump requirement is going up to 100 January 1st, but the local DZ's S&TA says he has not heard anything like that. True or False?

How would I know what the S&TA has heard? :D

B License

2. Persons holding a USPA B license are able to exercise all privileges of an A-license holder, perform night jumps, with 100 jumps are eligible for the USPA Coach Rating, and must have-

a. obtained a USPA A license

b. completed 50 jumps including:

(1) accumulated at least 30 minutes of controlled freefall time

(2) landed within ten meters of target center on ten jumps

c. aerial performance requirements, either:

(1) demonstrated the ability to perform individual maneuvers (left 360, right 360, backloop, left 360, right 360, backloop) in freefall in 18 seconds or less

(2) or successful completion of the planned formation(s) on ten group freefall jumps

d. documentation of live water landing training with full equipment in accordance with the procedures in the Skydiver's Information Manual

e. completed all of the requirements listed on the USPA Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card (effective January 1, 2012)

f. passed a written exam conducted by a current USPA I, I/E, S&TA, or USPA Board member.

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The only thing I know is changing on January first applies to the A license. The A Licence Proficiency Card, completed, signed, and stamped, is now only good for 60 days as a temporary license. If the skydiver applies for their B license during that 60 day period, the temporary license can be used as proof of an A license. Beyond that 60 days, the A License Proficiency Card/Application has to be sent to USPA for processing and assignment of a number.
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