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How different is Sabre3?

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I have 80 jumps, I did the flight-1 canopy course and for the last 18 jumps I have been renting PD silhouette 170 and tried pilot 168. My wing loading on those is 1.15.

Before I was jumping sabre3 190 for about about 30 jumps. 1.05 wing loading.

On all the canopies I jumped my landings are good in different wind conditions including downwind, turbulence and gusts. Also I have been comfortable coming back from long spots crosswind and landing out. And I have been jumping in 3 DZs ranging from narrow to large airport. Accuracy is average between 30 to 50ft from the target for the past 40 jumps except when the wind is funny I focus on landing at the DZ.

My question. I bought a container that holds 170 max and I was wondering how the sabre3 170 is different from the pilot and the silhouette? It's the only one I didn't have a chance to try yet and I was wondering if you tried moving from any of those to sabre3 what was your experience?

Also if you think I should go back to 190 what low pack canopy you recommend?

One last thing. I am not part of the downsizing trend. I will most likely stay with whatever canopy I will get till it smells. I didn't intend to downsize to 170. It was an error and I found out after the 10th jump. Flying and landing it was not much different from the sabre3 190. 

Thank you 

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I know it has been a few days since your post, but at your wingloading and experience you are fine on the Sabre3 (I say that as someone on the internet who is taking you at your word. Getting advice from an experienced coach / instructor who has watched you land will be worth a lot more)

Also, a lot of people say they won't downsize, but as you get more jumps and get more comfortable, they do and likely you will too.  Downsizing isn't terrible to do, downsizing before they are ready is where people get hurt.

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