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Where to get tunnel time cheap/er

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I have a few weeks off in January and was looking into getting a big chunk of tunnel time this winter and want to know where I should be looking at going/how I should be looking at doing it. I would love to learn how to free fly properly and get pretty good at it this winter. I am willing to travel pretty much anywhere for 2 weeks and would like to get 10-15 hours. I've heard Russia is pretty affordable but I don't really know what my options are.

Does anyone have any recommendations? 

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The cheapest one is in Venezuela - 230$ per hour excluding coaching.

But other than the price you should ask yourself what exactly you'd like to train. The further you progress, the more you tend to seek people who fly well and teach well, and that's not something every tunnel can offer. Also you'd start noticing the quality of the wind is not the same across the tunnel brands, with some offering more consistent and stable airflow.

In Europe AFAIK Poland, Finland and Sweden offer the cheapest hours


Complete list of tunnels around the world:


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