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We've seen that some of you have been struggling to find certain elements which used to be in different locations on the old site. And perhaps not immediately finding where we've moved things. In this thread, I will post short guides to help you get used to the new site and help you locate what it is you're looking for, as well as introducing you to new ways to find the data you're looking for.

The Activity Stream

The activity stream/feed is an exciting new addition to the site that makes it easier than ever before to stay up to date with what is happening on the site. It can provide you with a direct feed of information from all around the site. From being able to see where users have recently posted, new content they have submitted, as well as being able to create your own streams of information based off sections of the site you visit most.

Let's say you frequent the Bonfire forum and you're currently looking to buy a used AAD off the classifieds. You now want an easy way of seeing new posts in the Bonfire section as well as being able to quickly catch up on the new AAD ads listed. You can do this all with the activity stream, by creating your own custom streams.

You are even able to select for it to only show you items that you haven't seen since your last visit, keeping the data fresh and customized to your desire. 

It's easy to create an activity stream too, simply go to the "More" button on the top nav menu and click on "Activity". This will give you a few activity options, from a general stream of activity around the site, to an extremely customized stream that only shows what you're looking for.


In order to create your own custom activity stream, you can click on "Activity -> My Activity Streams -> Create New Stream"

Once you have clicked on "Create New Stream", you will see several selections which will allow you to customize that stream you are creating. The idea here is to create streams based on your most regular actions, you can create multiple streams depending on how you want your content to be shown to you. You could create one solely to catch up on forums that you frequent, but you could create another to stay up to date on articles and news posts etc.


You can then access your saved streams by simply using the same activity stream link in the navbar and finding it located under the "My Activity Streams" link.

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