Short suit or not?

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I am about to buy my first suit and I am hesitating between a short suit or not.

I have always been very warm in the suits that I have borrowed so I figure that a short suit would be better for me.

But I have never seen anyone fly in short suits in tunnels. Why is that? Is there something that I have not thought about? What are the cons of using a short suit in the tunnel?

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Short suits are a relatively new thing. I would recommend getting a full suit.

Short suit is nice in the summer, some people like wearing them in the tunnel, most do not if they are spending a lot of time in the tunnel.

Full suit is going to give you more protection if you biff a landing, scrub against the wall or net in the tunnel, etc. Wearing short sleeves in the tunnel can be a touch painful at higher speeds, particularly if there's sand or dust circulating. It's also really nice to protect the knees and elbows in the aircraft.

Full suit, depending on the bagginess can potentially give you more range (if you're a heavy jumper, more drag can be helpful). Lastly, if you get your suit loose enough, you can wear long underwear under it and drastically extend your jump season if you jump in the cooler months.

For the warmer months, there's nothing wrong with jumping in shorts and a t-shirt, so long as the shirt doesn't interfere with handles, etc. A lot cheaper than a short sleeve suit as well...


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I would reccomend to have a cople of suits
If you can't - than full suits, but if you mostly jump in a hot weather, then shorty may be more comfortable (but seriusly man, suits shouldn't be only one;)

regarding WT - they flown often and quite good
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