Tonfly 2x, Protrack 2, and Cookie Fuel

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I'm hoping some of you can help me with a couple of questions. Here is my situation: I am looking to build a new camera helmet. It will be used for 4-way fs and tandem video/still. I would like to run two GoPros for the fs jumps and a Sony still/GoPro for the tandems.

Option 1: A Cookie Fuel with a flat top and one flatlock. I imagine I would set it up with the Sony camera on the user's left side and the GoPro on the user's right, such that they will kind of interlock and well balanced (see Nicklas Daniel's setup, attached).

Pros: versatile setup and dedicated external port for my Protrack 2 (the audible I currently own).

Con: I would need to remove the Sony to access it's memory card and the memory card of the GoPro, which is a pain in the ass even with the flatlock (I seriously tried this with another helmet and it sucked).

Option 2: Custom Tonfly 2x. The Sony camera would sit on top and the GoPro in front or, when flying fs, one GoPro on top and one in the front (similar to the setup in the 2.5X-tonfly attachment).

Pros: I hear they are super comfortable (haven't tried one myself) and the camera disconnect (the TF Pro mount) appears to be very smooth and easy . Big plus if it is a constant on and off type of day.

Cons: No external port for the Protrack 2 and I've never tried one on. I'm not about to buy another audible, so I'd have to stuff the Protrack 2 inside the helmet. Question: will a Protrack 2 fit inside the Tonfly 2x and will it be comfortable if it does?

Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Fuel Camera Example.jpg


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