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Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

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Sections 3-1 up to 3.2 H Cover the responsibilities of the "INSTRUCTORS" ... PLURAL ... SECTON 4 ... again plural ... The largest section of the AFF in the IRM pertains to "INSRUCTORS." ... Anyone is free to see that in the IRM, the most written pages are devoted to 2 AFFis'.

So why are you not complaining about tandem to single instructor AFF training too? The same issues and interpretaions apply.

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>But I know what you mean. If I were that AFF instructor, I would be wanting to get in
>there with my future student!

Some potential problems with that:

1) It is difficult to fit student+instructor in a 12 foot tunnel without seeing frequent wall contact - and wall contact can make it difficult to evaluate how they will do in the air. (i.e. if their feet keep bouncing off the wall, is that just the size of the tunnel or do they have a serious backsliding problem? If they flinch from contact do you have to fix that?) 14/16 foot tunnels go a long way towards solving that.

2) Tunnel flying takes a very different skill set for the instructor, and a slightly different skill set for the student. (i.e. a first jump student with a slight backslide problem will do OK in the air, less well in the tunnel.)

All that being said, it was pretty valuable for me. By far the most valuable part was not getting the student "trimmed up" and flying well in the tunnel, but the ability to judge what problems he will have before he gets out the door. That allowed us to drill on specific problems before the skydive.

I think the ideal program using a tunnel would be 3-4 45 second tunnel sessions, all starting at low speed on the net, with 15 minutes of retraining after each session. Of course, that's another $40 added to the bill for tunnel time, so there's no free lunch there.

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