Pit Meadows '86

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I'm looking for a video of the jumps we did at Pit Meadows in '86. Maybe the best day of skydiving I ever had. We did five 100 way attempts in one day. We got a 97, a 98, a 99 and even a 100 way when Norm Kent docked 100th in place of someone who went low. Most of the same group met again at the Nationals Boogie a few weeks later and made the official record on the second try. (The first one was a comedy of FUBAR) It was really cool to do it in front of the crowd at Nationals but the five jumps at Pit Meadows were even more fun. I'm wondering if anyone from back then might have the video of those jumps. I sure would like to be reminded of how good I used to be. ;)

I'm going to post this on the Bonfire also because I'd really like to see it again.
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