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David Hersey

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Dear David,

Where have ten years gone?  We miss your infinite kindness and wisdom, and try to "pay it forward" every day to ensure your legacy lives on through the hearts and deeds of your extended family.  Tommy C. was right when he said you set the bar so very high for the rest of us who would follow your path.   
Look after Steve, Nate and the others who just left us, especially little Abby a few days ago.  Blue skies, warm sun and gentle breezes forever, dear friend.
Xxxooo, Marianne and Jim
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Good morning, David.  Eleven years since you were swept away from us.  We honor you every day, determined to pay your lovingkindness forward.  Attaching a few photos* today, bittersweet memories of the extraordinary life we were privileged to share with each other.  Sweet Chloe joined Alice, Abby and you this year…Les Girlz are now none.  Please look after them for us; they loved you so.  Until we meet again, dear friend.  Xxxooo, Marianne and Jim 

*In your glory on OWB’s “Friends of David Trip to Italy” enroute Peppino’s North End restaurant, Antico Forno.  [As we lovingly mistranslated it: “Old People F**king. :halo: ]

a-David Hersey 3 Racers.jpg

b-Dave standing wide.jpg

c-David Bill Howard Meg Barbara Trip 3-08.jpg

d-David Bill FOD7 4-09-06.jpg

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David's ash dive: quintessential David infused with 10 pounds of colored glitter-including lots of his favorite purple-by his request.  Wretched weather opened briefly, yielding spectacular visuals aloft and for his extended family on the ground.  His glitter trail hung in the sunlit sky for several minutes.  Clouds swallowed the blue hole shortly after we landed resulting in a biblical deluge.  Just as suddenly, the black clouds evaporated revealing an incredibly vivid David-rainbow in his honor.  We believe his ashes and glitter acted as condensation nuclei, seeding the clouds and favoring us with one last brilliant swath of his color across the sky above the dz and family he loved so dearly.  Xxxooo, M+J


David Ash Dive 1--10 lbs GLITTER.JPG

David Ash Dive 2.jpg

David Ash Dive 3.jpg

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