Wings semistowlees D-bag

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I have one.

The shock cord bungees that come with it don't have enough elasticity so putting the line stows in tough but you can change them to bungees with out problem. The lines are stowed in a pocket a bit like the infinity 'party bag' which isn't as easy as the vector bag - it's just a bit more fiddly. If I was buying a new rig I'd get the normal bag, sent it to vector and get them to make you a semi-stowless bag for it as it's just a bit better.



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The elastic cord stows that came with my bag were a bitch to use. After the first attempt, changed them out to large rubber bands.
I have over 150 jumps on mine and I will not be using a regular D bag again. Quick, soft openings and I have yet to experience a line twist.

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