Wingsuit smoke brackets

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Trying to get some current info on who is making and selling wingsuit smoke brackets and some pros/cons to different models. reviews of models would be good as well. Tried searching but everything is old. Looking to buy something and would like to hear a little bit more about them and where to buy. Thanks in advance for any help on the matter. blue's j

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I have been looking for a smoke bracket and have decided to finally make one myself. Still needs some polishing. If I am confident on the design, I will put it on the market.
Here is what I wanted:

Mount would be comfortable to wear on the ground and in the air.
No metal under the shoe that can reduce traction at an exit point, out of a plane, or landing.
Can mount multiple smoke canisters on one bracket.
Mount would allow for angling smoke away from wingsuit to minimize staining suit.
Easy reach to cut away and the cut away system can be operated when a WS bootie is still zipped up covering the shoe.
If cut away, all parts of the bracket will easily extract and not have to pull out from along the leg/ possibly get stuck on unzipped WS.
If used for a demo and had smoke canister burn through, lanyard to keep cutaway smoke from falling onto public below. If cut away bracket became entangled during deployment, lanyard would self release.

Getting closer and hope to have it ready for testing soon.
50 donations so far. Give it a try.

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