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I found yesterday, during my first jump of the day, that my Pro Dytter’s batteries had died. So I go to the gear shop and buy a pair of batteries and load them up, but I noticed that the warning tones seemed like they were at 50% volume, maybe less than that. By the way, there is no volume adjustment on the Pro Dytter. On the next jump I was sure as I really had to strain to hear them. I changed batteries again and the same thing happened. I thought maybe the batteries at the DZ was old so when I got home I put my volt meter on them and they checked ok (2.8 volts on a 3 volt battery) and I’m not seeing the “Low Battery” light come on. I also noticed that even when I kept the batteries out for an extended time (overnight) when reinstalled, my settings didn’t clear. So I’m thinking if I can clear the memory, it might do the trick, but I don’t know how or if it’s even possible. L&B returned an e-mail to me today stating simply that they don’t support that model anymore and their bulletin board is down at the moment.
Anyone have any ideas?

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I had the exact same problem with my Optima. I wasn't able to reset it. I sent it in and they ended up replacing it with an Optima II so I assume it was something major since they didn't repair it.

That is the general way L&B does it.. Not really looking at what the problem is, just replacing the unit. Takes less time.. Makes us happy!
If everything seems under control.. You're just not going fast enough..!

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