My first Mal

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I thought I'd pop in and report my first incident.
It was about 2 weeks ago, 8 Aug, I havent had access to the net. Once I get home in a week I'll post the video.

Jump 1438
7th jump of the day
Camera for 8-way
Skydive Marche in Italy

Velocity 103
Icon Harness
wing loading 1.9
Tempo 120 - Thank JVA it opened.

Pressure knot between left brake line and one or two of the D-lines

Under reserve by 1800 ft

Got all my toys back - Thank to all that helped.


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My AFF instructor once said "there are only two types of skydiver - those that have had a mal, and those that are going to". Since my mal at 122 I now expect one every single pull. Means I'm ready to deal with it if it happens.

Sounds like your instructor rides a motorcycle...

I'm in the former category FWIW.

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