when you are buying used gear online

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Hi Everybody,

I am owner of Para Concepts, the Pro Shop and Rigging Loft at Skydive Chicago.

On behalf of riggers everywhere, let me thank all the unsupecting novices out there who bring in their "amazing deal" used rig purchases for repair. I am happy to put money in my cash register, and am very grateful for your business.

But man, do I ever feel sorry for you. DON'T take sellers at their word. EVER. Even me. You have GOT to have someone you trust look over any used equipment you purchase. A rig listed as "perfect for beginner" might just be "perfect for sucker." You might pay just $1000 for a used rig, but then you need to put hundreds of dollars worth of work into it just to get in the plane! And it's still old gear with no resale value even then.

I don't know any rigger or instructor who won't try to help you keep from getting screwed on used gear!

Stepping down from soap box.

Don't get suckered. Spend your money on jumps, not junk.

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>DON'T take sellers at their word. EVER.

I will add that there are two ways you can get hosed:

1) People who are trying to screw you
2) People who honestly just plain don't know what they're selling.

An average seller of a rig is generally _not_ a rigger, and they may not know that the previous owner took off the RSL but did not cover the hook velcro on the riser - and now the other riser has velcro damage. Or they may not know that's it's missing a required update, or that the main lift web has enough wear to warrant replacement.

In both cases, a second opinion/inspection by a rigger will uncover such issues, and is definitely worth it. Many riggers will do an escrow transaction if that's a problem

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