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I've been watching the PD packing video http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=6886&string=pd%20packing to get some more input on how to pack well in addition to talking to friends etc.

One thing that slightly confuses me is how after the canopy is laid down on the ground, he takes the tophalf right side of the canopy and folds it to the middle, then the same on the left side, then lifts the topskin up and dresses that around the canopy (i hope this makes sense! It's at 23 minutes, but it's a big download).

Do you guys do this? I can't recall ever seeing anyone doing this before - the way I've learnt is to start sausaging the canopy right away after it's been put on the ground.

I want to get my packing certificate soonish, so I don't want to learn anything that will make the person checking me out go wtf is she doing! :P

If it makes any difference I hire a pilot, not a pd canopy.


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This is a technique that some people use to avoid having the steering lines come around the front end and possibly create a line over. I know a few people that do this. I have packed thousands of parachutes and never done it, so consider it a "variation" on the pro-pack technique (if that's the right word) and optional. As long as you manage your lines carefully it's not "required" rather "optional"
Pete Draper,

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Nope, NOT a pscho pack. You need to watch the video. They're not turning it over. This is just moving the sides to the middle.

And I've never bothered. If you control your steering lines all the time not probably necessary. But for the great unwashed masses it adds a insurance step. Remember this is the official factory pack. Kind of like their wing loading recommendations, very conservative.
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