Delta IV launch - Vandenberg

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I'll bet it goes a lot faster than that 'mysterious missile' back in early November did. :D:S

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Shoot! I missed it! I coulda seen the dang thing from here. >:(

I watched it from the MB pier. It was actually a fairly dry day so it didn't leave much of a contrail above 30 Kft making it pretty hard to follow. Still... have to love a launch vehicle that lights itself on fire prior to leaving the pad.

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Sorry I'm seeing this a too late, but this info might prove useful in the future.

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check spaceflight now. They have "mission status center" for coverage of launches- what is going on when and the countdown

United Launch Alliance did have a live feed

viewing info

Skydive SB got a load up for the launch. dz.com member sinjin got some photos
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