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Heya all,

We've added a feature that allows Dropzone.com users to communicate publicly on a Classifieds listing. Comments are visible to the seller and all future viewers of the listing.

This gives buyers an opportunity to ask questions about the gear or items for sale, though you still have the option to contact a seller privately. It also gives sellers the opportunity to add extra information to their listing or clarify any issues or questions that visitors may have. Importantly, it also allows buyers to point out details about the gear that others may have missed. This may include opportunities that the seller hasn't realized or caveats that the seller hasn't disclosed, for instance.

Sellers will receive an email notification at the email address on their account when a new comment is posted to their listing.

As with any public communication platform there's always the possibility of abuse. Comments should be helpful, factual, and use neutral language. Comments may be permanently removed by moderators if they don't adhere to this. Specifically, moderators might remove:

  • silly or joking comments, no matter how well intentioned
  • negative comments about the listed property or seller which fail to cite publicly available proof
  • accusations of dishonesty, fraud, or theft. Please use the "Report a Scam" link to alert us of any possible fraud or scams

If you post these kinds of comments to a listing, you'll get a warning. If you do it again, you risk losing your Dropzone.com membership. The purpose of this feature is to facilitate open, honest and efficient communication between sellers and potential buyers and hopefully help both parties to close a deal that will leave everyone happy. B|

PS - we've also been looking at how you guys use the classifieds and have moved a large search box to the top of the Classifeds main page.
Safe swoops

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Comments may be permanently removed by moderators

I would like to manage my own comments. I have recently placed an ad and was DISMAYED that it had removed ALL of my LINEFEEDS and so the ad became mostly unreadable.

Also, I was NOT NOTIFIED that I had exceeded the non-disclosed character limit, so wished to add the remainder of the description in a comment. Then that was truncated as well. I again posted 2 more comments in an attempt to fix this, but nope. Now I have comments beneath my ad that do not serve any good purpose.

How may I remove them or get them removed?
Ad is located at: http://www.dropzone.com/classifieds/Detailed/Miscellaneous/RV_Travel_Trailer_194639.html

Thank you in advance.

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