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This is a free service to help you sell your new or used skydiving gear. Ads are purged daily so you won't have to browse through old outdated listings. Please read our Listing Guidelines.

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$5950 USD
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UPT Vector 3 - only 165 jumps total! Excellent Condition.

I have a V348 for sale in absolutely perfect condition. The container only has 165 jumps on it. Never ...

Date: 2016-08-29 | Country: United States | Comments: 2
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Wings W12-2 with Smart 160 DOM 2013

Fits human 5'7 to 5'11 140 to 170 lbs (I'm 5'9 155 lbs). Built for containers 170-190 but I had it down to ...

Date: 2016-08-27 | Country: United States | Comments: 2
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
3200.00 USD
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Safire 2/ new Vigil 2! THIS IS FOR YOU!

Rig for smaller newer jumper or bigger more experienced jumper: Main is blue and yellow. Still slick and ...

Date: 2016-08-27 | Country: United States | Comments: 3
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
5000.00 CAD
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Pilot 168, Wings, Smart 190

W21-1 2005 Wings, 300 jumps. Fits 5'9"-6'1" tall/170-200lbs. Articulated, full stainless, freefly handle, ...

Date: 2016-08-27 | Country: Canada
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
1100 USD
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Nitron 135 DOM 2013 Only 200 Jumps!

Perfect condition, no damage, always packed indoors. Selling to downsize. DOM 2013 with approx 200 jumps. ...

Date: 2016-08-27 | Country: United States
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
2200 USD
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New JVX 94

Selling due to injury. Canopy is new, never flown. Looks totally fucking bad ass and I wish I could keep it ...

Date: 2016-08-25 | Country: United States
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
1750 USD
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Very low jumps Sabre2 170

Almost new Sabre2, 170 pi2. Bought last December, jumped from March to June 2016. In perfect condition. ...

Date: 2016-08-24 | Country: Canada
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
499 USD
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Triathlon 135

This canopy is great - earned my pro rating with it. Flies wonderfully. Excellent condition. Low pack ...

Date: 2016-08-24 | Country: United States
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