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NZ Aerosports Offers "Weatherhold Woogie" For Those Trapped Indoors

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With Covid-19 shutting down cities and even countries around the world, it's not just skydivers who have been affected by the limitations put on both movement and the ability for businesses to operate. We've seen a number of music artists and even actors coming out and offering online forms of entertainment for those stuck under quarantine or even lockdowns. 

Well now New Zealand Aerosports have decided to offer a little something for the skydiving community. You're likely to be out of luck finding an operating boogie in the current situation, but that doesn't mean you can't still create a bit of a skydiving vibe from the comfort of your computer. It may not quite be the same as partying with all your friends, but it's still cool to see something that can lighten the mood in these otherwise uncertain times.

Below is the information on this "Woogie" event as sent out by NZ Aerosports:



Welcome to the Weatherhold Woogie!

Solo looking to build? The Woogie has kicked off and here's your manual to building into something larger! We highly recommend wearing your favourite skydive t-shirt, enjoying a deep breath and tightening up those goggles because sh*t is gonna get real, and for those of you who've been quarantined for longer all of this action might be a bit much at once!

Stay at home, wash those hands, and we apologise in advance for any apocalyptic blunders from our side in producing this historic event.

We will send you updates in quaranteenly intervals.

NZ Aerosports Quaran-team


Woogie Webinar: Quarantine & Chill w/ Chris, Max, Tom & Matt / Friday 27 March 10AM NZ time

Join Chris Stewart, Max Manox, Tom Baker & Matt Leonard for a chill Q&A session! This call is organised in Zoom but you will be able to join via your browser if you don't want to download Zoom. The call is about 30-40 min long, here's your chance to ask all those burning questions such as "Will you teach me to swoop?", "Am I ready for a Petra 55?" or "Shaken or stirred?" Let's contami-mates!

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Time Zone conversions (or find your time zone conversion here)

New Zealand 10 am Fri, March 27
UTC 9 pm Thur, March 26
New York 5 pm Thur, March 26
LA 2 pm Thur, March 26

And bookmark this link for upcoming Woogie Webinars! https://bit.ly/woogiewebinars


Blog posts

We will have a heap of blog posts coming up from us here at NZ Aerosports and from our Icarus Athletes during the Woogie. If you haven't yet checked out our blog, go enjoy a read. We know you've got some quaran-time to spend! We'll update you as we go.


Weatherhold Challenges & Takeovers

Our Instagram account is on fire! Every now and then our Icarus Athletes are going to hijack our Instagram account to show you what they are up to so tune in and stalk.

Our Weatherhold Challenges (which we'd like to say will be daily, but boy, what a year this week has been, and we have no idea what's next...so let's say multiple times a week?!) will keep you and your mates entertained too! We started with #swoopfailchallenge and #nzasuitupchallenge to get it all going... Trust us... there's still fun to be had in the times of "the new normal"! Challenge yourself and your mates!


Weatherhold Videos

Skydive videos. We all froth over this stuff (especially if it's the I-love-me-kind). We're putting together a Weatherhold Playlist for your enjoyment so you can organise a movie night or a watch party. Stand by!

Another sweet as video-offering from us to you: Quarantine Diaries... Our Testies were too busy frothing over prototypes to get prepared for the zombie apocalypse. So they're a bit at a loss with what to do with themselves now life as we know it has ended. Until they discovered a truly timeless, entertaining and educational TV series...

Tune in for all their misadventures over the coming weeks.




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Thanks for the up beat humor! Kudos to the Kiwis!!

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