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Sky Camp Halloween Party

By adminon - Read 4973 times

Halloween is the one day each year when you can be whoever you want, think of an alternative self and have fun of being someone else - if just for a while and when mixed with skydiving, you have something really extraordinary, transforming into a flying demon.

In many places around the world the skydiving season is just about to end, and in turn we can look back and summarize past few months. For DZ owners, you can review how your business did. Packers; how are your hands, knees and fingers going? If you are a skydiver - have you accomplished all goals set in the beginning of the season (or have you set the goals in a first place). Was this season safe? What have you learned?

Thinking about that serious issues can wait though. Have fun. Squeeze this season like a lemon. Let it go for a while. Enjoy life.

Sky Camp in Poland recently hosted their Halloween event, and it looks to have been an amazing party to close out the 2015 season!

Photos by KonwentPhotography for Sky Camp DZ in Poland.



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Halloween is only for children for some fun and excitement, and to get free candy and treats. It is not for adults. Unfortunately, Halloween in North America is vigorously promoted only for money commercialism.

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^ Ladies and gentleman, Grinch of halloween. Halloween is for whoever enjoys it, to say that it is only for a certain group of people assumes that everyone has the same interests as you do. The world would be a better place if people didn't try to separate themselves from the things that are 'for children'.

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