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  1. Talked with my new DZ rigger and he's going to sew them to the pad for me. Thanks all for the help.
  2. Appreciate the reply! I'll talk to the master rigger then. I love my container so keeping it would be great .
  3. Hey all, Getting back into the sport after a hiatus and have a question regarding a return to freeflying (after becoming current on belly of course). My current late 90's javelin container does not have a freefly band tab for allowing installation of a band to connect the leg straps. Is it possible for a master rigger to install a freefly band on a older rig that does not have these tabs? I assume they would have to sewn into the leg straps. I was able to remove the rig from my body on my couch and now I'm feeling rather strongly that I should have one of these band/bungees in the future. Thank you.
  4. The answer to this and all questions is 42.