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  1. I jump Deland, Z-hills and Sebastian... I'll keep my eyes open and can also post on Facebook if you like. Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  2. From Sandy's blog.....I could not have said it any better: "Trying to find the quality in life that every day has to offer. In this process, it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all". Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  3. Still at a loss for words...my good friend Sandy gone :( . Always a gentleman and always had a good word for everyone. Always helping me get better. The DZ will never be the same for me... love ya bro Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  4. “I used oxygen and at 19,300 feet I opened the paraglider and started looping,” he said. “I was looping for around 15 minutes until I had the feeling I was close to the ground so I stopped at around 1,500 feet.” He had a feeling he was close to the ground?! Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  5. Gained more friends than I have lost.... but I will probably be driving this 2000 Suburban until the wheels fall off! This has been an expensive 15 months! I still got month at the end of the money! Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  6. Wow...very cool. Nice way to remember your 100th! Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  7. IMHO... get your schooling finished and make it a goal (reward) to get your AFF completed when you finish school. As a professional in the medical community, you will have time and money to do it as much as you like when you finish. My daughter is starting med school in August at USF and that is my recommendation to her. Just my 2 cents. Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  8. Divinfool


    Found- many thanks to Skydive Deland.
  9. When you get a pay raise... forget to tell the wife and figure out how many skydives you can do with the extra cash. Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  10. Like the blue...nice rig! Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  11. True Grit, A Man called Horse, The Outlaw Josie Wales.... Venice, Florida sometime in the 60's.....loved those movies. Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  12. It will clear up... the weekend looks good and mornings during the summer usually cooperate. It's not always like this.... the Perfect Spot has a pretty good selection of imports and domestic beers... and you can't beat the Cuban sandwich. Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  13. I would say he enjoyed the jump!! Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  14. 50? You got 30 more years of jumping if you keep fit! I am 51 and just started jumping in Sept. I now have close to 90 jumps. Wisdom comes with age! Go for it! Fear is the thief of dreams.....
  15. I guess I meant to downplay the fear part. IMHO fear puts a person in a position where they don't think clearly and are afraid to try anything new. No question this is a dangerous sport. In my short skydiving career...I have personally seen ankle breaks, a broken neck and a person end up in a wheelchair for life. Fear is the thief of dreams.....