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  1. I have 2 mirage G4 containers sized for a sabre2 190 (m5) I downsized both to sabre2 170 I shortened the closing loop to accommodate the softer fit I just switched both to UPT semistowless bag v350 It fits the new sabre2 170 perfect The container fit is even softer I shortened closing loop again this time to keep pin secure 10 jumps on this arrangement. Bag perform as advertised. Pack time is much faster ( shave a few minutes) Deployment seems faster but not hard ( probably more to do with canopy folding) On heading ( was only a rare problem before) I'd recommend these bags and this fit.
  2. Excellent place to jump during week. 18k with a very conservative opening altitude was 81 seconds. Their King Air is a rocket, 4 turns and you are on jump run! Attentive office staff, great vibe, friendly locals. Got a coach and he made me work in the air, exactly what I asked for. The turns are fast so if you have the means bring two rigs. Landing area is clear, safe, with plenty of bailouts albeit small. I'll go back. Tandems determine load altitude- just get over it. Very happy with the crew there.
  3. This altimeter really is a great product. Get to drop zone, wake the device by pushing a button and off you go. Was concerned about strictly digital device as a very new skydiver. NOT an issue - very intuitive to understand. I also enjoy the data it displays on way up. Climb rate, current altitude, time to jump altitude, etc. all help me mentally and physically prepare for exit; helmet and gloves on, last run of EPs, camera set.... I highly recommend the N3. I only wish there was an easy mounting option/kit for under canopy.