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    Start Skydiving

    I woke up one day with the idea to jump out of a plane after doing some shopping around I came across Start Skydiving . com and decided to go with them. After hearing so many good things about them I felt safe. Upon Arriving at start skydiving I was welcomed by everyone who passed me, and was treated like a king. Every one there is someone that I picture myself being good friends with. Very professional and easy to talk to which made this experience amazing. It was very important to me to be able to ask questions without feeling stupid while having a good time. My Tandem Jumper Lonnie was the best. He was very direct and concise with his instructions and assured me of the quality of my gear. The free fall was the best thing that I have ever done in my whole life and the glide to earth was second only to the free fall. I loved every moment of this experience and would only recommend as the place to do it. when letting someone else take your life into their hands you have to trust the best and from my experience that is what they are THE BEST! Thanks For The FALL! Justin Michael Atkins