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  1. Yes, I do, I asked for submissions on my tumblr account and this guy sent me some of his belly flying photos. The others are stock photos, but I'll be changing them shortly, I just wanted to see what It would look like.
  2. Please go and check out a new website I'm developing! It's Completely uncensored and I'm about to release the blogging side of it where people will be able to interact!
  3. That's sort of the perspective I was getting to, but this is also why I asked for help cause I know I can't do it alone, I think wounded warrior would be the best origination to do it for, not only am I in the military but there are many other jumpers that are serving or have served. It has a real purpose then. Thanks!
  4. Exactly, I donate a percentage of my income to various charities. It has never affected my jumping or any other expensive hobby. I always have more than enough money left over. It's the little things over time that really count anyways.
  5. And my proposal is to do it nationwide for nationwide attention I.E. The media spotlight.
  6. You bring up a good point sir, it would not fall on the Dz to use any money. Raffles are a great way to raise money, collect the money you spent on the product, and donate the rest. I'm aware it may cut into the profit margin a little, but what's 5 dollars here and there, it'll attract tandems and possibly get more people interested in the sport. On top of that, if the community knows you do give back, they will tend to be more easy going if you land off in somebodies yard. My home dz does a wounded warrior boogie every year, the business impact is zip and the turnout is huge cause of the amount of support it has. I am simply encouraging some sort of cause, say one a year. It's no different then when a big corporation donates some change to the community school..
  7. I just created a Facebook page "skydivers for a cause" where I plan on promoting skydiving while helping others. I personally do no accept the money, the plan is to organize nationwide events where dropzone raise money individually. This can be done through raffles, potlucks, competitions and many other ways. I will be contacting the Uspa with my idea and work with them on getting support. Any ideas are welcome and DZOs remember this is good for business and you're helping others at the same time!!!
  8. Skydivers, this is my shopping list so far for what I need and might need, help me out if I missed something -Free Fly Suit- Two piece -Optima audible -Go Pro 2 or 3 -Go pro helmet arm -Wing suit? -Emergency-inflatable-Life-saving-BLOW-up-doll -Possible second USED rig? -Skydiver swag -Stickers -Life time supply of Miller Lite -Altimaster chest mount -thermal wear -drag mat -body bag -hooker?
  9. I tried... And I give up lol these geeks ruined it.
  10. My scariest jump started out to be a normal one, practicing freeflying and we broke off at 4500, I was right over a cummulious cloud and decided it would be cool to track right next to it... Oh it really was cool having it whip past me, I misjudged how low the base was and ended up pulling at about 1100 ft. , the ground rush was so fucking scary, and by the time my chute stoped sniveling, I was at about 550 ft. needless to say, our S&TA threatened to ground me if I ever did it again and I beat the lowest pull record at our dz for that year! The scariest part was when I almost got grounded
  11. I'm not saying get rated just from online. I'm saying have online study courses that are interactive and then have an S&TA at your dropzone cover the rest of the course, I.E Q&A, extra 1 on 1 studying. And Testing and evaluations. This was just a thought.
  12. For now, just my coach rating, when I get back from afghanistan, I'm going to work on getting an instructor rating. That should take me about a year with all the money I have saved up.
  13. This is exactly what I meant! I don't think taking the test online is smart, cheating can be involved, I was thinking more on the lines of study material, practice quizes and general knowledge all in an interactive module. Then you could take the test under the direct supervision of an S&TA once he gets confirmation that you have done the online training. And I'm sure he would answer any questions we would have.
  14. I see your points, I'm going to make the exra effort to get my ratings, I was thinking about the guys that can't travel and all. Thanks for your opinions!