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  1. My scariest jump started out to be a normal one, practicing freeflying and we broke off at 4500, I was right over a cummulious cloud and decided it would be cool to track right next to it... Oh it really was cool having it whip past me, I misjudged how low the base was and ended up pulling at about 1100 ft. , the ground rush was so fucking scary, and by the time my chute stoped sniveling, I was at about 550 ft. needless to say, our S&TA threatened to ground me if I ever did it again and I beat the lowest pull record at our dz for that year! The scariest part was when I almost got grounded
  2. I'm not saying get rated just from online. I'm saying have online study courses that are interactive and then have an S&TA at your dropzone cover the rest of the course, I.E Q&A, extra 1 on 1 studying. And Testing and evaluations. This was just a thought.
  3. For now, just my coach rating, when I get back from afghanistan, I'm going to work on getting an instructor rating. That should take me about a year with all the money I have saved up.
  4. This is exactly what I meant! I don't think taking the test online is smart, cheating can be involved, I was thinking more on the lines of study material, practice quizes and general knowledge all in an interactive module. Then you could take the test under the direct supervision of an S&TA once he gets confirmation that you have done the online training. And I'm sure he would answer any questions we would have.
  5. I see your points, I'm going to make the exra effort to get my ratings, I was thinking about the guys that can't travel and all. Thanks for your opinions!
  6. I had a sabre 150 open so hard on me once, I basically folded in half and my helmet came off, it was a Z1, it fell 3000 ft and survived... minus some cosmetic damage.... People on the ground that saw it, said it was fully open in about a second... I felt like I had been in a car accident the next day... I never jumped it again! AERODYNE PILOT all the way!
  7. I was just wondering, do you guys think that the uspa will ever make online rating courses available to us and have our dropzone coordinate the proctored tests and all. It's possible and I think it would make getting that extra rating easier for those of us that can't travel cause of work and stuff. Opinions?
  8. The way you just said all this made me laugh my ass off, I to want to jump naked at least once, but this is what somebody warned me of.
  9. The problem with jumping naked is if you land off and kids see you, you can be registered as a sex offender in america, depending on the state you live in.
  10. I've done anything from construction, to operating security cameras in a retail environment to pulling security on the streets of Afghanistan. I hope there is something for me lol. Spaceland is a 5 or 7 day operation?
  11. What about closer to Spaceland, I need to secure a job as well that possibly has off weekends, any suggestions on the area?
  12. But remember what he said, you didn't build your business, he did. XD
  13. Spaceland was on my mind but I've always been told that the houston area is expensive.