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  1. I just found out today (4-25-11) that Danny had passed, and I was sad. How do I know Danny you may ask? I met Danny when I was a budding skydiver in 1988 at Raeford DZ when Gene Thacker and my best friend Chuck Blue pointed at this guy in an ugly pink and camo jump suit and said go jump with that guy till you get your A license he will teach you. I approached Danny and in the first 30 seconds of talking to him I said to myself I am gonna whip this guys smart ass some day. Danny later told me he saw a skinny young wanna be sky god with a lot of promise at which point I told him I was still gonna whip his ass one day. Danny taught me the technical aspects of skydiving in a way no one else could, when he saw me eying a camera helmet one day he and Chuck went out of their way to help me learn. Danny made the 4 way video guy for his new 4 way Carolina Counsil team "Catalyst" made up of Mark Lancaster, Mark ?????, and Pete Cook. Danny was instrumental in giving me the learning experience for video that other teams would not give me because I only had 125 jumps and 25 doing video. He would not chew my ass when I funneled through the 4 way, but he would take great pleasure in making fun of me and reenacting my mistake along with sound effects much to my dismay. Danny got me on staff at Chester DZ making money packing Tandems and shooting all his tandem video, Danny remembered what it was like to be a young starving poor ass military skydiver. I spoke with Danny occaisionally over the years usually when Chuck ran into him in a bar drunk I thought of him though every time I watched one my old tandem videos of him. Though he was cocky, and he attempted unsuccefully to hit on the girl I was stalking that day he was truly a great guy if he was your friend you were lucky. He was there when a family member of mine passed giving me money to get home paying for my skydives when I was broke and the tandems were slow. He was there with encouragement when I truly needed it I just wish I could have been there for his family when he passed, and shared my memories, and videos of him. RIP Danny "Dannilo" Page" and BTW No farting in the plane on the way to heaven Rick Neely D14636 BTW MEL If you read this I still have the video from your Dbag falling out lol.