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  1. Blevins " You say EDIT: You guys are asking the wrong questions, and seeking out the wrong sources. The pictures of the Amboy chute aren't that great. It was buried in the ground for years, no one knows how long. You should be going to the Seattle FBI" I can tell from looking at the two photos that the Amboy chute is not rip-stop nylon. so get over it and forget about the Amboy chute. Bob Sailshaw
  2. Bruce you say:" My book, DB Cooper and the FBI - A Case Study of America's Only Unsolved Skyjacking, is now available at Amazon, in a Kindle version, which is an e-book. The text reads very easily on a commuter screen, but is designed for tablets and such, too." I say: "It has been nice reading your new book and it is my really first e-book as it is on Michele''s Kindle. Your style of writing makes for easy reading and I am up to chapter 10 now. How many of your books have sold so far? It should do well if it gets advertized somewhere. Way to go Bruce! Bob Sailshaw sailshaw00@gmail PS Bobby should give up on the Amboy Chute as anyone who has worked with rip-stop Nylon can see from the FBI photo's of the Amboy chute that it is not rip-stop. That might be why Cossey quickly said it was not from DB Cooper. AMBOY CHUTE iIS NOT COOPERS See attached photo of rip-stop from the chute that went to the Tacoma Museum.
  3. skyjack71: You say ""On the evening of the hijacking, it took NWA some time to locate any people at Boeing who had knowledge of lowering the stairs in flight. That program was simply not common knowledge either at Boeing or any commercial airline." I say: "Sheridan Peterson and I were both at Boeing before Norjak (I was in the Structures Test Lab and he was in the Manuals and Handbooks group and both in the 9-101 building) and knew all about 727 Airstairs Testing in the B-29 hanger and Flight Tests at Moses Lake. It was common knowledge to us.!!!" Bob Sailshaw
  4. 73blazer You say: "I guess I'm with the FBI, unless some hard evidence is to come up, bills, maybe the briefcase although I'm not sure that could be identified, the parachutes...something hard, this just isn't gonna get solved. People evidence might lead you to hard evidence, but at this point, the FBI can't put resources into rabbit holes and peoples memories for a 40 year old crime. I believe they've been burned on this with Marla. Hard evidence...tough to come by." I say: " The FBI has evidence in their hands that they have yet to look at that could solve this case quickly and at litttle cost. All they have to do is compare the DNA under the stamps and envelope flaps of the four letters sent to the news papers following NORJAK with what they have of Sheridan Peterson and they will find a match. That would disprove his phoney alibi that he was in Nepal at the time of NORJAK. That lie to the FBI could put him in jail for the rest of his life as he is 90 years old now. Release from that sentence in exchange for the DB Cooper story would finally solve the crime. Bob Sailshaw
  5. 377 You say"Sheridan Peterson might have had access since he worked in technical documentation at Boeing, a job he took after being unable to get 727 airstair info from his landlord Sailshaw." I say Sheridan knew about the 727 aft airstair test rig in the old B-29 hanger on the East side of Boeing field. Ir was part of the 727 FCTR Flight Control Test Rig and was fully functional and available to anyone with a Boeing badge like Sheridan had. I know I told him about the test rig as he was quite interested in the 727 airstairs Bob Sailshaw
  6. 10) Just remembered another thing from Ralph: He pointed out that the packing card on the chute had the signature of the rigger and his mark that had to match the mark on the lead seal so that DB when checking the card showed he was an experienced jumper and knew the chute was not tampered with or had a locater installed inside by the FBI. Bob Sailshaw
  7. Bruce: Additional things we talked about with Ralph: We covered a lot of subjects while at Eagle Creek and here are some of them: 1) Did DB pull the chute when at the bottom of the airstairs or did he freefall? Answer: Ralph was sure DB would have done a freefall to a lower altitude. 2) Exposure from plane to ground I thought was less than 5 minutes Answer: Ralph said from 10,000 ft at one minute per 1,000 ft the exposure time maximum would be 10 minutes but with freefall possibly abound 5 minutes would be possible. So he did not freeze as many have suggested. 3) D-ring handle rip cords (Bruce claims they are not called D-ring rip cords) would fall to the ground if not held on to by the jumper? Answer: On the old chutes the jumper had to hold on to the D-ring or would have to buy a case of Beer for loosing it. The new chutes have a pilot chute that pulls the rip cord when deployed. 4) Did Ralph recognize Sheridan's photo from the Boeing News photo. Answer: He said that he did not remember ever seeing Sheridan and did not know him. He did mention that there was a National Parachute gathering at Issaquah Skydiving DZ in 1963. That would have been about the time Sheridon would have been there. 5) Did Cossey do the DB caper? Answer: He said that Cossey did not have the "balls" to do it and was not that good of a poker player either. He did think the DB had people on the ground to pick him up and Cossey could have been on of the ground crew. I think Duane could have also been on the ground crew as he told Jo that when he said "that is where DB came out of the woods". 6) We talked about how the jumper could have communicated with the ground guys and Ralph said radio was a possibility but blinking of lights would have been possible too but not have used the flares from the fake bomb. They would burn too long and give away the position. 7) Ralph said it was an easy jump and he was sure DB survived and he told the FBI that the jumper was an experienced skydiver before Cossey gave them the other story about how DB would have not survived. I got the feeling that Ralph was miffed that he was not the expert working with the FBI rather than Cossey. 8) I got the story of Jo calling and getting told that Duane had ears too big to be DB and I thought it was Ralph that told us that and Bruce corrected me in that it was the info from Bill Mitchel and he should know as he was very close to DB during the flight. 9) I asked Ralph about Jerry Thomas (close friend of Himmelsbeck) and Ralph did not know of Jerry which is strange if both of them were close to Himmelsbeck. There were more questions and it was a very informative meeting and lunch. Ralph was not in a rush and seemed at ease with Bruce and I asking questions. Maybe Michele (note only one l in Michele, Bruce) being there was good for the easy conversations. Bob 73's
  8. Bruce: Thanks for your correction to my statement about Duanes ears being too big to be DB Cooper. So it was a statement you got from your phone call with Bill Mitchell and was not from Ralph Hatley (I got the spelling finally correct). Sorry Ralph for my bad spelling but it was a long day for us and we finally got home around 8 pm having started at 7:30 am that same day. What a great trip with very nice weather and fun to talk with Ralph over lunch. He is a very interesting guy that knows a lot about skydiving and has his Commercial Pilots license too. Bob Sailshaw
  9. Jo: Bruce and I had lunch with Ralph Hadley and he told us that you had talked with him and he passed on the bad news to you that Duane had ears too big to pass for DB Cooper. You forgot to tell us that little piece of feedback about your husband Duane. We had a nice drive to Eagle Creek and back in one day. Stay well. Bob Sailshaw
  10. WMI Wrecks You say: "What makes any of the multitude of so called "suspects" suspects? Of course there's not a direct link to any of them, otherwise, the case would have been solved. It's all conjecture. People have been looking for "something" to link suspects to the case for over 40 years now, and where has that gotten us?" I say: "The link to Sheridan Peterson is in the four letters DB sent to the news papers. The FBI needs to look at the DNA under the stamps and envelope flaps and then compare with what they have from Sheridon that was taken by the two female FBI Agents. A match (I am sure they will find a match) will prove that Sheridon was not in Nepal as his phony alibi goes but he was in Portland (the scene of the crime). This is the SMOKING GUN in the case and such a simple and easy way to solve the case. The FBI has the four letters but have failed to look at the DNA under the stamps and envelope flaps. " The FBI deserves to solve their only unsolved skyjacking that is 42 years old and show that they always catch their man. Bob Sailshaw
  11. Mark 74 you say" "The reason I kick around these dates is to come up with a motive. Cooper did a lot of planning but what was his grudge? Nov 24th 63 was when Oswald was killed - was that the motive? JFK could have prevented the assassination of Ngo, was Cooper upset about that? Was he happy Oswald shot JFK? I happen to think he planted the $5800 for a reason if he didn't then this is pointless." I say, "my suspect Sheridan Peterson had a Grudge when he lived at my house ten years before Norjak" His Grudge when he lived with me was about the System that included his childhood, Marines, work situatioins and all. He felt he was not compensated enough for his education and abilities. That is why his mantra was about "devising the system to beat the System". That was shown in letter three salutation to the newspapers. Bob Sailshaw
  12. Mark What lead me to believe that Sharidan wrote the four letters was the salutation on letter three "from the guy that devised the system to beat the system. DB Cooper" or something like that. He had mentioned the same mantra while living at my house for a month over and over. That was when I knew Sharidan was DB. That is why the DNA from the letters/stamps would show it was him. Bob Sailshaw
  13. Jo you say "I STILL believe Duane WEBER was Cooper and will BELIEVE that until the day someone SHOWS me proof he was NOT." I say "You forget that you have told us that Duane told you where DB came out of the woods and when asked if he was DB he said no but maybe he was the ground man" Is that not enough for you to quit claiming that Duane is DB but just a partner in the caper "the ground man" Enough is enough just like KC is too short at 5ft 8in to be Cooper but Blevins keep pushing KC as DB. Enough is enough. Bob Sailshaw
  14. Blevins you say: "Here's MY theory: The chute was the one Cooper used. The FBI keeps it in storage and still calls it evidence, even though it is basically useless in leading them to the identity of the hijacker." I say : The Amboy chute was the wrong color as Norm Hayden purchased two white rip stop chutes that were provided to Cooper as the two "Back Chutes". That is proof that the Amboy chute was not Coopers even though it was found in the right location. END OF STORY ON THE AMBOY CHUTE. sailshaw "note new email address"
  15. 377: Ha Ha about TOO SHORT but his name is spelled with a dollar sign in place of the S. TOO $HORT As a lawyer you should have noticed the difference. The photo of Blevins attached shows a TOO SHORT Kenney Christensen. Blevins is like the fisherman that steps on his catch until it is long enough to meet the required minimum length. He would have to stomp on Christensen a whole bunch to grow him from 5 ft 8 in to 6 ft in height. No way does Kenney fit the height of DB Cooper and is not a qualified suspect. Bob Sailshaw