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  1. Your main objective in aff level 1 in just an introduction to freefall and canopy flight. A bit of advice I think helped me a lot was SLOW DOWN!!! Slow your mind down and take time to do everything you need to do. I had a problem on my first level jump with my practice touches and finding my hackey when time to pull. Then one instructor told me to slow my mind down and make all moves deliberately. That helped out a lot. Jump two should be better since you will be use to. Also practice your diveflow at home before your next jump. If you practice 5 min a day with what you will do in your next jump your mind will remember to do it...
  2. Todd, Yes I saw he put it on! He sent me the link. For anyone else that wants to see it the link is: Need to correct a few things but it comes with more jumps. See you guys this weekend!
  3. Jurga, thanks for the training and answering of questions... Thanks to everyone else... Now I just wonder why didn't I start earlier!!!
  4. Just want to send a shout out and thank you to the instructors at Skydive Carolina! After two days of bad winds, the wind finally died down around 3:30 and got to take my AFF 1 jump. I was a little nervous but felt good about the training(Jurga, Matt Zwicker, and Matt Mundry). SO finally got in the air, approached the door and started the jump. Good Exit except a little de-arch but corrected and recovered in a few seconds. Good response to signal and COA. Had a little trouble finding my pull handle. Under canopy went well but a sit down landing. Overall very comfortable with the minor things I need to correct and hopefully a stand up landing next time. Thanks again guys will see yall next weekend for a weekend of jumps!(Also a extra thanks to Matt Zwicker for my debrief and taking the extra time in overview packing of your rig to me after the jump.)