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  1. last sunday at 2;00 am in the morning. 2 guys snuck in, and based this building. -see picture- they are not finished with this building, it is 40 stories right now. 10 more to go, and they're done, but the 2 jumpers, jumped approx. 40 floors up, about 700- 750 feet. I'm a rookie sky diver myself, and probably dont plan to ever base, but when this crap, hit the local news, it was everybody was talkin about it. I knew someone would jump this new building some day, but I thought they'd wait till it was finished.
  2. thanx t-dog, actually it's windier than heck in my state this time of year, and I'm also broke, but when I save the $ for several aff's to do in sucsession, I will definatly return to the dropzone. and will TALK with the aff-I guys about my aff 1 jump. I'm sure I'll pull.
  3. Thanx everybody, where I ACTUALLY brain farted was the VERY LAST, signal, which was a single finger pointing towards me, and for some dumb ass reason, I thought he meant, look at the other master, or, in other words, was pointing at the other aff-I, and then it donned on me, when he DID actually take my hand, and and put it on my right hip. 60 seconds, went by alot quicker than I thought it would, but THAT freefall ride,..... was enough fun to keep ME comin back.
  4. Thanx Thrill!! and everybody else too. I'm a little hard on myself. I actually did't think 60 sec. would go by, that quick. -enjoying the ride- you know? anyway , I'll get it next time.
  5. ok, thanx. you're right, I wasn't being aware of alltitude, because 6000ft, or so, was there in a hurry!
  6. Ive made 10 statics over the years, and recently did my first AFF. Did every thing fine, but missed the handle, and they pulled FOR me. ONE, of the jumpmasters , couldnt understand why I had trouble, and was kinda rude about it actually, the other guy said, dont worry, you;ll get it next time. Does this happen to some first time aff's? dumb question I guess, but just wanted some feedback.
  7. question for you veteran jumpers. Over the years, I've made about 10 static jumps. Recently did my first aff. Everything was fine, checking things I was supposed to, while freefall etc. He gave me the signal to pull, and I thought he meant to look at the other jump master, and by the time I quickly realized, I could NOT put my hand on the handle... and he pulled for me. He said I touched it, but never actually GRABBED it. I was critisized for this, but, being my first aff, everything was fine they said, except the handle. Does this happen to first timers? Back when I did dummy pulls, on static, I had same problem a couple times. Thank you for a reply.