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  1. Thanks for the insight. I've got a Helix 79 demo coming in two weeks and am really looking forward to playing with it. I got to make a few jumps on one of the prototype 90s after FLCPA Comp 3 and it was a blast. I prefer the Fluidwings RDS. I've got a stock VE90 with one of Scott's removable sliders so that may be why. Feels like less of a PITA trying to pull it off the rings. I hear you on the Comp openings with an RDS. Man they take delicate packing. Can't say they don't open quickly though.
  2. hokierower

    New Spectre 210 is too slippery to pack!

    Try watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JiAegc8EOw It's a Sabre2 260. I've referenced PD's packing videos all the time. I pack my Velo the way Jess showed in her video. Worked thus far (knock on wood). That said, take a look at this video as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i16HryVyRaI It was done on Stiletto 150 and shows that people have packed canopies extremely strangely and they've opened.
  3. hokierower

    Garmin Announces New Virb X and Virb XE HD Cameras

    I wonder what the refresh rate for the GPS is and how accurate it is. Would be interesting to be able to have a camera that was capable of acting like a flysight.
  4. hokierower

    Ponds in Canada

    Burnaby in Ontario has one. The water level is a bit low, but I sunk weights this season for the water gates and am leaving buoys and bollards behind for next season.
  5. Neither. I got an awesome pair of freefly pants made by Skimmer Suits when I was
  6. I was on the load with him. Very interesting story. Kudos to him for going through with it.
  7. I have a Rawa Image with a top mount. Pretty slick setup. I can't remember who I bought the mount from though.
  8. hokierower

    Tie-dyable jumpsuit material

    I got a pair of freefly pants made by Skimmer Suits where she tie-dyed orange and maroon (VT colors) for the vertical stripe that runs along the side. It turned out awesome and they've lasted quite well. Two thumbs way up for her!
  9. Not having jumped in that portion of the country and going strictly off of the website I'd have to say yes. Typical website lacking in details and photographs. The only thing that makes me pause is that if you go to the airport website there is a link for Skydive Jersey, so don't know what to think about that.
  10. hokierower

    Help, First-time Jumper from VA

    Looks kind of sketchy to me. If you go to the website, under dropzone there's no pictures with names, there's no information on what plane they fly, there's no pictures of the dropzone or the brand new hanger they built. Something just feels off. If you go to Skydive Suffolk, Skydive the Point, or Skydive Orange's websites there's a lot more detail. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your freefall and canopy flight, but beware, it's really addicting!
  11. hokierower

    Skydive San Marcos - Encroachment?

    Subdivision restrictions not recorded yet; will have architectural control committee Pretty important points right there. The way it sounds to me is the land adjacent to the DZ is being sold to people interested in building houses with access to a private strip. The surrounding land is a tossup but I doubt you'll see a sprawling subdivision.
  12. hokierower

    Skydive Spaceland San Marcos

    GF and I decided to try skydiving out and we opted to try the AFF Level 1. Showed up in the morning and were helped out by the very friendly staff. Class came together and there was 1 main instructor and 2 helpers for 6 students. Our instructor was Aaron and Tara & John helped out, all of whom were extremely professional. They made sure you were completely confident before moving on. Wrapped up the class around 3ish and then manifested to jump. Unfortunately winds picked up and we weren't able to go, but I will definitely be going back.