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  1. It has already been said, but running a league is a massive undertaking and the cost to install and maintain a swoop pond is pretty big as well. We were pretty lucky with CK in that the pond already exists. I don't think you'll have too much luck starting a third league (there's a new one that just started in the Midwest) when FLCPA dominates most of the time and money that swoopers have because it traditionally leads up to Nationals. This year is the exception because nats is in September. The rest of the CP community routinely does everything you mentioned to fly to Zhills/Raeford to compete. There are even quite a few people from Hawaii who have done it the last couple of years. I'd recommend you come to CK for one of the two NECPL comps this year and talk things through with Brad.
  2. ...what?!?! You can't revert back to a straight forward 90 for one jump??? To stay on topic...no, never got a finger caught in a steering line guide ring, but then again I grip my rears high up at the slink.
  3. Let's try a real discussion Two questions (both of which have already been mentioned) 1) Why were you using heavy toggle input directly after letting go the front risers, and what effect do you think this had on your recovery arc? 2) What benefit do you gain from loosening the chest strap if you haven't lowered your slider? I'm gonna add to this... 1. Please don't initiate a surge/bump/depressurizing move (toggle flare and release) at that low of an altitude. While the chances are low, the possibility still remains of you encountering an outside force that could cause the canopy to collapse and you are so low that there is no way you can recover in time to save yourself. 2. Blis is right re: the chest strap. Even if you pull the slider down, loosening it isn't going to affect the canopy directly as your slider is still restricting how far your MLW can spread. It will make you more comfortable. That said, pulling the slider down will allow the risers to "fan out" more and flatten out the canopy. 3. I'm not sure what your "turn" consists of. You do a quick surge, grab the fronts, quickly rotate, and then begin a flare which you stop with about 1/3 to 1/2 input. What's your thought process behind it?
  4. Gonna +1 what Dan said. I started learning to swoop on a Sabre2 150 @ 1.4 and progressed from there. Learning on a "larger" canopy is good for the exact reasons Dan mentioned and the sight picture is much more important at this stage of the game. Listen to your coaches and ask them about your progression. The Safire2/Sabre2 will frustrate you at times because any mistake you make during the turn will seem to cause the canopy to "auto-recover", but it's a wing/progression that shouldn't be tossed aside for convenience's sake. Don't skimp on coaching. Even the pros get it.
  5. Once again I've reached the point where my swoop shoes are making me gag from their smell and they maintain a permanent residence outside. I'm looking for a replacement shoe and while my default is the DC Pure because of comfort, flat sole, and cushioning, they are not designed to dry easily. So what alternatives are out there that are tried and true?
  6. Absolutely! On my 270 I had a slow "roll-in" transition to start my turn off. If you do it to fast, you get vertical too soon, and the canopy would start to recover since you don't have the rotation to keep it in a dive. You'd then plane out higher since the turn was quick and didn't burn off the altitude that the slower turn would. Got the email from Helix today! 79 is shipping tomorrow so I'll have all this weekend to play with it...almost tempted to try it at the NECPL comp but I need to make up for a dismal Comp 2 performance.
  7. What you said jives with the two demo jumps I did on the Helix 90. I started my 270 at the same altitude as I did on my VC84 but managed to come out high twice. I attributed it to the canopy being more receptive to the roll input of the harness and therefore me fighting to slow down the turn, but I'll definitely pay more attention when I get it. I'll definitely chime in once I've gotten it. I'm hoping to put at least 10-15 jumps on it, if not more depending on how long they let me keep it. The ability to "trash pack" would be nice. I've gotten used to having to treat my VC84 like it's a live bomb while packing it for terminal. It was a relief last weekend when I put my stock 90 on and got "normal" openings. That said, I won't be able to compare it to the other two as I haven't jumped either of them. I spent the first part of the year working on the 84 and the time since CP Nats to work on the 450 (stupid bump up to open class). Not enough time in the day and not enough money in the bank unfortunately.
  8. How would you compare the recovery arc to a Comp Velo? I'm waiting to hear from Scott on my 79 demo, looking forward to it.
  9. Thanks for the insight. I've got a Helix 79 demo coming in two weeks and am really looking forward to playing with it. I got to make a few jumps on one of the prototype 90s after FLCPA Comp 3 and it was a blast. I prefer the Fluidwings RDS. I've got a stock VE90 with one of Scott's removable sliders so that may be why. Feels like less of a PITA trying to pull it off the rings. I hear you on the Comp openings with an RDS. Man they take delicate packing. Can't say they don't open quickly though.
  10. The "Velocity 2" already exists as the Comp Velocity (VC). The introduction of the VK in no way diminishes the effectiveness of the VC nor does it eliminate it's role in the development of future canopy pilots. The "future" is that the standard Velocity slowly becomes replaced by the Comp Velocity. My Comp 84 at a 2.6 WL is still a boatload of fun doing 270s and as I'm moving into 450s it's getting even better. My flysight data is showing me hitting mid-80mph in the peak of my dive and coming through the gates at 65-70mph. The VC is still a swoop machine, it's just unfortunate that people are starting to look past it. As far as more "swoop capable" canopies at lighter wing loadings, have you ever swooped at a Sabre2 @ 1.8? At that WL it's a great canopy to learn to swoop. Yes, it's a little unnerving because you have to start lower (not that much though), but it's a great "training canopy" because it requires solid skills to actually get a solid swoop out of it vs. a velo where you can throw a shitty turn and still get a "swoop". The Sabre2 almost forces you to learn technique first so you can swoop it properly.
  11. Thanks Marcel. You planning on coming to any of the NECPL comps or Sunpath?
  12. After comp 4 at Raeford I did three freefly jumps on my newly relined (500 Vectran) Comp 84 @ 2.6. Three slammer openings and two of them went right into line twists which I was able to kick out of with altitude to spare. Any pointers for packing a Comp for terminal?
  13. It would be, but those structures are pretty easy to put up, especially with skilled trades workers. A lot of concrete and steel, but primarily open spaces. Can't wait for this to open. It's been almost 4 months since my last jaunt up at iFly Toronto and I'm going through some major withdrawal.