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  1. So I finally bought me a protec helmet for the rest of my time in AFF. The thing I absolutely despise is the loud noise you get during freefall. This noise is incredibly distracting and makes it hard for me to concertate. does anyone have any good ideas about covering up the ear holes in the protec, does everyone just use ducktape ? thanks, Austin
  2. So I think I'm going to draw up my own version of something like this. To me this is something simple, yet shows what your all about.
  3. Skydiving is something that has impacted my life forever, something that I love to do and will continue to do for many years to come. So I'm interested in getting me a skydiving tattoo. Any of you guys have a skydiving related tattoo ? or have any good photos of any to guide me to a good design ? Thanks, Austin
  4. Thanks guys for all the info. I'm definitely opting out on jumping during my trip. What from what I have read, and the PM's I have received, the injury rate is very high. Its just not worth it. Thanks for looking out for me, much appreciated ! Any good glider services, or something like that, on the islands ?
  5. Thanks guys for the responses. I will call today and ask.
  6. For my Grad present. I'm heading out to hawaii for a few weeks, and of course, the first think I do is see what dropzones are there. And came across Skydive pacific Hawaii. I'm right in the middle of my AFF course and I cant pass up the opportunity to skydive in one of the most beautiful places in the world. So heres my question. Do you guys think they will let me jump at whatever AFF level I end up at when I leave for the tip ? I would seriously hate to not be able to jump at a place like that when I'm there. PLus a true 14K jump would be awesome ! Thanks, Austin
  7. Dont let the altitude that particular dropzones jumps from steer you away. I went from jumping at a big dropzone from 14K to a very small dropzone jumping at 10K for my AFF course. I left the other dropzone for 2 reasons. #1 was that particular dropzone was quite tandem focused, and it took me weeks of calling just to get a appointment. #2 was that the dropzone I'm now doing my AFF course with (10K) is a extremely knowledgable group of people that are truly focused on teaching me how to skydive, not just get my license.
  8. Hey Everyone, As I'm progressing through my AFF program, I'm starting to learn more about canopy control and heard about the VASST DVD, Canopy Control: Core Essential DVD series and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these DVD's ? also, I was wondering if there is a book or DVD's series that goes through the AFF program that I can reference too as I go through it. My instructor is doing a great job but some reference material might be nice. It might be a stupid question but it is worth asking. I'm just trying to get as much knowledge as I can to become the safest and knowledgeable skydive that I can be. thanks, Austin
  9. thanks guys for your help. I think deland is probably going to be my destination. Too bad Sebastian is almost 2 hours away. I've heard great things about that place. thanks, Austin
  10. Hey Everyone, I will be heading down to Disney world a for a while for my Grad present (we get out sooner then most other schools do) and was wondering where the closest drop zones are. I know Sebastian is around an hour and a half and Florida Skydiving center at Lake wales is around the same distance. I also know the skydive space center is not much closer. Just wanted to know if these were the closet to disney and which ones you would recommend. Thanks, Austin
  11. 90% of what I know was a new AFF skydiver has been learned on either the forums or the reviews section. Awesome website !
  12. I don't think I would have a cash limit. I would just have to budget better in daily life to compensate. Its addicting !
  13. man I have been doing the exact same stuff lately. I was in the garage working on my car laying on the creeper and I started simulating arch and 360 turns and finally the pull. Crazy how it gets in your head in day to day life.
  14. Awesome photography work. I bet landing on the beach is so badass.
  15. Thanks guys for all your input. I didn't even think about the dropzone having regulations on AFF students on what they can wear. Having my entire face covered just feels more natural to me coming from moto. Thanks, Austin
  16. I'm in the market for buying my own helmet for my AFF program. Coming from a motocross and downhill mountain biking background. I have always wore Full face helmets, and when I saw the New cookie composites G2, I said I had to have it. However, I have found my self second guessing my self on either a full face or a half face and have no idea what to do. So my question is, what eyewear do you wear with your half face helmet ?. From what I have seen so far, people seem to be wearing what looks to be regular sunglasses ? I do wear contacts and will be getting lasik here soon. thanks, Austin
  17. I havent jumped but a couple times, but I imagine the tailgate style sky vans would make me pretty nervous. And I agree with the guy a few post up. Sitting in the corner watching everyone fall out is when I'm most nervous.
  18. haha yea I was wondering the same thing my self . I cant believe you sold your car, takes some serious commitment.
  19. hey everyone, I'm new to the forums, I'm 18 years old and a AFF student at triangle skydiving. I gave up a lot to skydive as far as the instruction goes, what all did you guys sell to skydive ? I sold my 3K mountain bike to pay for the A license course. Loving every minute of it !
  20. thanks for the book suggestions. I already bought "parachuting: the skydivers hand book 10th edition" and this book seems like a must have as well. thanks !
  21. Hey everyone, I'm glad to become apart of I'am 18 years old living in the Durham area of North Carolina. I just started for my A license at Triangle Skydiving.