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  1. It is with great sadness that I’m reporting the passing of Jim Dann, SCR 6, at a hospice in Palm Springs, CA on Tues, Aug 23, 2016. Jim’s wife, Donna Wardean Dann, SCR 26, said he died peacefully after a long bout with illness. Jim, age 74, was one of the few remaining survivors who had participated in the first 8-man star at Arvin, CA on Oct 17, 1965. By a strange act of fate, Donna was at Arvin that day to make her first skydive. Donna will provide more information later regarding memorial arrangements. Gary Young, SCR 1, is the last known survivor of the first 8-man star. The status of Mitch Poteet, SCR 4, is unknown.
  2. Mark earned his WSCR at Z-hills on Sept 1, 2013. He became WSCR 1342 by coming in 11th on a WSCR star with 9 women skydivers. He and Phil Smith, WSCR 1339, were the first two men to earn WSCRs on the same jump at Z-hills since Feb 1989. Mark supported women's skydiving and deserves his legacy as a skydiving pioneer. RIP, Mark.
  3. Warren Frazier, an “old timer” from Elsinore and Perris at the end of the 60’s and early 70’s, died from complications of Parkinson’s on Dec 18, 2013 at Apache Junction, AZ. Warren jumped at Elsinore and Perris and was known for his sardonic humor regarding skydiving’s evolutionary changes. He was particularly critical of USPA for its failure to recognize Relative Work (RW) as a valid competitive venue. Warren was one of the original “Perrisites”-- when that group of Elsinore skydivers became disgruntled with the DZ’s management and started jumping at Perris. When Perris closed periodically, the Perrisites returned to Elsinore, but proudly retained their name. Several members of that team evolved into “Captain Hook and the Sky Pirates” which successfully competed at USPA’s national championships for 10-man speed stars in the 70’s. Warren was dedicated to his Double LL-modified round canopy, claiming the newly popular Paracommanders (PCs) were too dangerous. Warren respected the abilities of his contemporaries and team mates which included the Krueger brothers (Al, Bud, and Bruce), Leo Orlowski, Dennis Trepanier, Steve Fielding, Donna Wardean, Terry Ward, Jerry and Diane Bird, Max Kelly, Stan Troller, Purple Patty Wilson, Bill Newell, Ron Delmazzo, Hank Asciutto, and Bill Stage, among many others from the early days at Elsinore and Perris. Rest in Peace, Warren. (Info provided by Donna Wardean Dann)
  4. Today, at Elsinore, a host of pioneer skydivers and close friends bid farewell to Ed Miller in a very well executed ash dive. The first part of the tribute to Ed was a fast and rock solid 8-way round with Ed's ashes carried by Pat Moorehead. Outside of the star were several "lurkers" who had a comfortable front-row view. It was easy to watch from the ground, thanks to a steady stream of smoke from the formation. When Ed was released, there was a brilliant flash of white in the middle of the descending smoke trail. It was beautiful, and the ashes lingered till after all canopies landed. On the second pass, Eike Hohendahl (USN Ret) flew a huge American flag (40' long!) as Barry Lastinger (USMC) released more of Ed's ashes while under canopy. Afterwards, friends gathered for a video taping of stories about Ed and personal farewells. Ed would have been so humbly proud. Thanks to everyone who helped to make such a fine tribute to a deserving friend. I'll try to post a link to the video as soon as it's available.
  5. Al, it was great seeing you at Ed's memorial today at Elsinore. I wish I had read this earlier...your stories are a wonderful tribute to someone who lived life well.
  6. It is with great sadness that I’m forwarding the news that Ed Miller, USMC, passed away on Sunday June 10th. He was a highly respected veteran skydiver who approached everything he did with optimism, consideration, and an attitude of excellence. Eighteen months ago he was diagnosed with cancer that was the cruelest attack for someone who was totally dedicated to healthy eating and a vigorous routine of workouts and a healthy lifestyle. Ed was passionate about skydiving, but his jumping ability was sadly curtailed last year, ending a career of many thousands of skydives in countries around the world. Although Ed’s personality didn’t move him toward the more “raucous” aspects of skydiving, he always enjoyed being in the presence of others who shared his enthusiasm for our sport and enjoyed having a good time. Rest in peace, at last, Ed. We all will miss you until we meet once again. Nancy Gruttman-Tyler
  7. Kevin's passing is such a loss for all of the skydiving community. His work made our sport visible in so many exciting ways to the rest of the world--made us proud to be able to share our magnificent sport. Kevin, I'm going to miss our entertaining and gossipy conversations on the Sunday drives to the range. You're such a great storyteller! Who's going to keep those dogs in the backseat now?? Say "Hi" to Gary for us! Farewell, dear friend.