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  1. I think more than a few of "us" wonder what it is like to fly a wing suit. I know I do. http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.php?t=21814
  2. Cool , I want to check this out. Lodi is only about 2 hours for me. Is there going to be a party after ??
  3. Descent . ? I never could figure out the English language .
  4. I'm not sure that the wing loading is all that important . Matching the decent and the forward speed is the key . I'm thinking a glider like a T2C and a pilot using a draggy harness could do the trick.
  5. Wills wing makes a 135 with max hook in of 200 lbs that works out to 1.93 lbs per sq foot including the weight of the glider.
  6. Matching the speeds should be doable. Matching the trajectory will be the trick. Ryan Voight hit 118 mph in a dive , that is the fastest speed I know of. I would say 85 or 90 is a more practical number. Drogue chutes are common but they are attached to the harness not the glider. A better solution would be to just use a more or less draggier harness in order to match the trajectory of the wing suit .
  7. That was just unreal ! I had to add that to my favorites list .
  8. WOW ! Great video's . i was completely surprised that a pilot with a chute deployed could keep up with a wing suit . simply amazing.
  9. How slow can a wing suit pilot fall ? At 2;40 in this video the pilot says as slow as 30 mph . Is that accurate ? I have been wondering if it is possible to fly in formation with a wing suit pilot with my hang glider. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThXwCXV_olM
  10. I think that HGpilot guy is an idiot.
  11. We could use some help with new hang glider designs. Anybody got any ideas that could help us out please post them here. http://ozreport.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2
  12. Ya'll certainly are an entertaining group of pilots. Wait a minute, are wing suit jumpers "pilots" ??
  13. Thank you Trae , your post gives me some insight. I am happy that you found your calling. Flying a wing suit must be amazing. I am envious .
  14. Thanks Martini. Lets give it a try, ya,ll will enjoy this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyOpkGkJR-0
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uYLXP1eUoI What is the trick to post a link here ??
  16. It must have more like 91 or92. I don't remember the jump master name . I do remember he was wearing flip-flops and an altimeter that looked like it came out of gumball machine with the needle stuck at 4500 LOL. Fort Funston is my favorite place to fly. The launch is well rounded now ( no more rotor ). Steve
  17. What is the best sink rate of a big wing suit ? And at what speeds ? I'm wondering if a slow wing suit and a fast hang glider could fly formation. Steve
  18. Ya'll figure out how to make a wing suit go up in a thermal, then I wont need my hang gliders any more. My Sport 2 has 155 sq. feet of wing area. It needs this area in order to have a light enough wing loading to be foot launch able and land able. A wing suit does not need to be foot launch able or land able . So I would estimate you could thermal a wing suit with as little as 100 sq. feet of wing area. I don't see how this could be supported with out a structure of some kind . Steve
  19. " Flying your own body" That must be truly amazing. I have one jump , (tandem ,Lodi around 1995 ?)it is something I will never forget. The first few seconds out were the biggest rush of my life ! After about 10 seconds of free fall I was thinking 'so this is it, I'm plummeting to earth ' After we pulled the chute I got to fly us all the way down to a good landing. I remember thinking ( Why didn't we pull the chute after the first 10 second rush ) We would have been up a lot longer.
  20. Yes the proximity flying is what intrigued me. After poking around here I see thats considered on the edge. Go figure Still I wonder what you guys think about hang gliding? I can only guess that it must seem to slow. Not thrilling enough. OR am I way off base. As a HG pilot its hard for me to understand why you folks jump for 2 or 3 minute ride when you could be up for hours. Now PLEASE understand that I am not trying to be condescending in any way , im just a curious person.
  21. Hello everyone . I have been watching some youtube videos of wing suit flying. I must say it sure looks like fun. I have been wondering what you all think about hang gliding ? Seems that most HG pilots think you guys are crazy,witch is kinda ironic since most folks that don't fly think we are crazy. Steve